What’s next: The future of iPhone photography

“The iPhone camera is hands-down amazing, thanks almost entirely to the fact that it is hooked up to a pocket-size supercomputer,” Charlie Sorrel writes for Cult of Mac.

“nitially, the iPhone used its computer smarts to overcome the limitations of phone cameras — the tiny sensor, for example. But over time, Apple added amazing features like Smart HDR and the incredible Portrait Mode, which simulates the out-of-focus background that occurs naturally with traditional high-end cameras,” Sorrel writes. “This path is likely to continue. Computational photography, as it is called, is pushing the capabilities of cellphone cameras far ahead of regular “dumb” cameras. So what can we expect to see in future?”

“3D photos are one of those gimmicks that seem lame now, but in 20 years time will seem amazing. Another is the iPhone’s Live Photos feature. These might seem little more than space-wasting novelties now,” Sorrel writes. “But when your kids are all growed up, or your parents are dead and buried, being able to see them moving for a tiny moment will be precious. Likewise for 3D… To see just how cool it could be, just imagine that all those old photo prints from your childhood were Live Photos, or in 3D.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As Sorrell notes in his full article, for taking great low light photos on iPhone, give Whimsical Productions’s Cortex Camera app a whirl. For just $2.99 it’s a no-brainer!

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  1. People who think that the iphone camera is amazing are FB hacks who know nothing about photography.

    Gimmicky tricks and filters and people think it’s great. It’s so sad.

    “the incredible Portrait Mode” , the portrait mode is HORRIBLE. The iphone will always be the red headed step child of the DSLR

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