“Spotting celebrated photographer Pete Souza, outside the Apple Park Visitors Center, just minutes after Apple unveiled a stack of new iPhones and impressive photographic capabilities was, if nothing else, serendipitous,” Lance Ulanoff writes for Medium. “I couldn’t fathom how he wasn’t surrounded by fans, people like me who appreciate Souza’s surfeit photographic skills and wit (currently most evident on his Instagram feed), and tentatively approached the man who famously photographed two sitting presidents: Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.”

“Souza later told me in a phone call that he’d been invited by Apple to the iPhone Xs launch event but had no idea what to expect. ‘I figured, what the hell, I’ll go,'” Ulanoff writes. “Like me, Souza marveled over the updated Portrait Mode capabilities that let you adjust the background blur effect after you take the photo, with either the front or rear dual camera system. He told me he didn’t think consumers would take notice of the f-stop numbers on the interface. Later, on the phone, Souza said, ‘I think they’ll use it and not really understand it.’ But he added they consumers will understand the results and see how ‘when they go in one direction, everything other than what’s in focus gets less in focus and the other way things get more in focus.'”

“‘I love this decision by the team, to honor art of photography and the work that went into characterizing how great lenses work,’ said Apple SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller when I asked about the decision to include f-stop numbers in the Depth editor interface,” Ulanoff writes. “The numbers consumers will see one these phones and through the Photo editing app are not just an old-school nod to how f-stops and aperture control work on DLSR cameras. Schiller told me Apple engineered an exact model of how a physical lens at those aperture numbers would behave.”

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