Use Apple’s Siri Shortcuts to make your life easier

“Announced as part of the iOS 12 update and now available as a separate app, Siri Shortcuts (or just Shortcuts) lets you do more with Apple’s digital assistant—you can wrap up a bunch of different tasks and launch them with one voice command,” David Nield writes for Gizmodo. “The idea is to allow anyone to set up simple scripts for apps and for iOS to follow, with no coding or hacking required. Just tap on a few apps and actions, and you’re up and running.”

“Once you’ve got the app up and running on your iPhone or iPad, you can create shortcuts by tapping the Create Shortcut button on the Library tab,” Nield writes. “Switch to the Gallery tab to see some examples you can use, provided by Apple. Finished shortcuts can be launched through Siri, through a widget on the Today View, or through the app itself.”

“To set options for a shortcut, including its name, tap the toggle switches icon in the top right corner on the shortcut page — it’s here you can decide if you want to assign a Siri voice command to launch the combination of actions you’ve put together,” Nield writes. “The easiest way to explain how these shortcuts work is to give you a few examples, and so…”

Check out all of David’s examples of Siri Shortcuts here.

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