Yesterday, “Apple also rolled out an updated version of its Siri Shortcuts app. The app, first introduced at WWDC, arrived with iOS 12 as a way to unlock Siri’s potential by allowing users to create their own custom voice commands and workflows,” Sarah Perez reports for TechCrunch. “Now, it can do a few new things, too – including setting alarms and timers, getting the latest weather, and more.”

“The weather actions should be especially useful for those who have created custom morning routines with Siri Shortcuts, as you’ll now be able to use the latest weather in your shortcuts with the new ‘Get Current Weather’ and ‘Get Weather Forecast’ actions,” Perez reports. “With these options, you can now ask for current conditions, forecasts (hourly, daily or 10 days out), or for any specific condition – like the humidity, chance of rain, air quality, and more.”

“Also helpful are the new ‘Create Alarm,’ ‘Toggle Alarm,’ and ‘Start Timer’ actions,” Perez reports. “Siri Shortcuts version 2.1 is the first major update following the app’s release with iOS 12. However, the app today still largely appeals to iOS power users – those who were already comfortable using its predecessor, Workflow, and who understand how to build routines. More mainstream users are likely being exposed to Siri’s expanded powers through their favorite apps.”

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