How Apple Watch saved my life

“You could say this has been a very interesting summer. And one I would not like to repeat,” Jason Perlow writes for ZDNet. “As many of you know, I have always had a very critical view of Apple as a company and the way their business operates — one that has mellowed from outright distaste to acknowledgement of their usefulness in the last eight years or so, since I became a routine iPhone and iPad customer, and an occasional but reluctant Mac user.”

“I have never felt a sense of loyalty to the company, or appreciation in any sense. If anything, I was the loyal opposition,” Perlow writes. “Back in January, I decided that I needed a smartwatch. ‘Needed’ is probably too strong a word, I just wanted to get in on the wearables thing. My friends all were using them and I was intrigued about what kinds of apps were available. So I bought a reconditioned 42mm Apple Watch Nike+ Series 2 from the Apple Outlet for $240.”

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular)
Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular)

“Like many other Apple Watch users, I got an email from the company asking if I would be willing to participate in the Apple Heart Study, a large data-gathering exercise they and Stanford University were partnered in,” Perlow writes. “[Fast forward and] I owe my life to my Apple Watch. Because it started this whole machine rolling. And I was very lucky to have my Afib caught during the last three months of public enrollment in the Heart Study, which ended in early August. I’ve decided that I will be an Apple Watch customer as long as that product exists. That means I’m also going to be an iPhone customer for life as well. So heck yeah, I’m getting a new iPhone XS when the upgrade program kicks in. And a new iPad Pro. But most importantly, I’m also upgrading to an Apple Watch Series 4 as soon as it becomes available.”

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