Apple + Tesla is a fairy tale with a twist

“Apple and Tesla are single product visionaries. Single product visionaries create world-class consumer products. Steve Jobs with Mac and iPhone, and Musk (even with his issues) with Tesla. These visionaries are able to build cultures that create great products. If you try to merge two unique cultures, you usually end up with mediocrity,” Gene Munster writes for Loup Ventures. “If we as consumers want the best products, we should want Apple and Tesla to keep their cultures separate and do it their way, even if it means competing with each other in auto.”

“Musk won’t let it happen, and more importantly, shouldn’t let it happen. There is a deal Tesla might accept, but Apple likely wouldn’t. Tesla might agree to a $10 billion cash investment from Apple if Apple were to accept non-voting shares and have no operational influence. Apple would essentially act as a silent equity investor. If Apple were to invest $10B and get voting shares, they would be the largest voting shareholder in the company, surpassing Elon Musk,” Munster writes. “As has been popular with large Internet companies, Tesla could create a non-voting share class that would enable Musk to retain his position as the largest voting shareholder in the event of an Apple investment. While great in theory, we don’t see Apple agreeing to non-voting shares.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote on Friday:

“Fairy tale” is an interesting choice of words. It can mean something “magical, idealized, or extremely happy,” i.e. a fairy-tale romance or it can mean “a fabricated story, especially one intended to deceive.”

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    1. and I would shudder should he get anywhere close to Apple…other that losing employees TO Apple.

      Besides being a bit bent, I question if he has needed integrity for handling investor resources…his recent talk of going private and a week later, after having come to his senses, choosing to keep Tesla public. Nut.

      I have issues with TC, but I take not a moment to consider an exchange with Mr. Tesla. For one, TC knows how to be profitable.

      1. Yes, he’s had his trials lately but what I was alluding to is not that Musk will takeover but the thought of something similar getting Apple people excited for change.

  1. i tried to get a job this year. after name, dob, etc., i just typed visionary. i found it’s really hard to get yourself hired if you’re that forthright. people seem to have a problem with that credential. just doesn’t go as far as one might think. maybe, there’s something to that under-promise over-deliver thing. mr jobs must’ve done the best he could knowing mr cook’s talent lay with manufacturing, distribution, that sort of thing which is tremendously important on such a massive scale. plus, i don’t believe mr cook’s an asshole, ideological but nice. besides, that’s reserved, mostly, for visionaries. maybe, i’m not an visionary, after all. don’t mean to make this post about me but it’s just that a true visionary must walk right up to the crazy line and be able to look down into the abyss. i don’t imagine a visionary can be tethered to an overseer. ok, tried to tie this into something pertinent but was unable. my apologies.

    1. A visionary develops new ideas. An innovator puts those ideas into practice. Relatively few visionaries seem to also embody the characteristics of an innovator. SJ was a notable exception. I would include Musk in that class for his work with Tesla and SpaceX.

      Both vision and innovation are essential. Unfortunately, we tend to treat visionaries very poorly and hamstring the innovators.

      1. Visionaries are wild cards, they either match the situation or they don’t and you aren’t going to know until after the fact whether their vision was a winner or a nightmare.

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