Group FaceTime is only the latest of many Apple technologies to be delayed

“Apple’s postponing its much-touted Group FaceTime feature in iOS 12 was a surprise — but really only because the decision was made so close to launch,” William Gallagher reports for AppleInsider. “These days it seems that there is always a feature or a new piece of hardware that gets announced only to be severely delayed.”

“It’s not a new thing, though: Apple has publicly done this many times. In private, the company’s internal deadlines have extended on devices right back to the original Mac,” Gallagher reports. “Andy Hertzfeld, one of the key creators of the Mac, is quoted in Apple Confidential 2.0 that:’We had been saying, We’re going to finish in six months’ for two years.'”

“More recently, Apple has announced dates and then sometimes only just barely kept them. Most people who bought the 2012 27-inch iMac didn’t get it until 2013, for instance. It was announced as coming by the end of the year but comparatively few shipped and they did so in late December,” Gallagher reports. “Similarly, in September 2014 the company announced Apple Watch and said we’d be able to buy it on April 24, 2015. When that day came, you could certainly pay your money but stocks sold out so fast that even early risers were being told delivery would be in June. Or July. Or August.”

You can’t really criticize Apple for delays when part of the problem is just that fewer things remain secret now,” Gallagher writes. “You can, though, wonder how consistently the company misses the Christmas market when it has new products that practically guaranteed big sellers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In the post-Steve Jobs era, Apple lacks the discipline to either ship on time or keep quiet until they are ready to ship*.

*We’re not talking about attempts to freeze the market. We’re talking about missing Christmas and ridiculously premature preannouncements like AirPower.

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    1. Microsoft still is, they announced stuff like the Courier tablet that never even got close to being an actual product, it was nothing but renderings, not even a prototype. Apple is experiencing delays. Microsoft announced stuff they knew they were never ever going to ship.

        1. Nice try you Pipeline apologist.
          The PowerBook G5 was ONLY a rumor, and thank God it was just that.. instead we got Intel Macs.
          Steve announced very few products that were delayed, as far as I know. Unlike your beloved current Pipeline CEO who in my opinion should NEVER announce products only to deliver several months after. It’s like an expected sour surprise.

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