Apple comes under fire from state-run media in China

“Apple Inc. has come under fire by Chinese state media, which claims the U.S. technology giant isn’t doing enough to block texts and images trafficking in prohibited content including pornography, gambling and counterfeit goods,” Yang Jie and Tripp Mickle report for The Wall Street Journal. “In a barrage that began last week, China’s state-controlled news agency Xinhua and at least four state-supported media outlets have published criticisms of Apple for not doing enough to filter banned content on its iMessage service.”

“State broadcaster CCTV joined in Tuesday on another front, saying Apple’s app store allowed illegal gambling apps disguised as official lottery apps,” Yang and Mickle report. “The state-controlled media criticism comes amid rising trade tensions with the U.S. President Donald Trump this month threatened tariffs on virtually all Chinese exports to the U.S. With only about $130 billion in imports from the U.S., China has limited options for retaliation, say trade experts, who expect the country to either increase duties on U.S. imports or punish U.S. companies, including Apple.”

“On Monday, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other top government agencies said they would impose new requirements requiring mobile phone makers to include spam-filtering features,” Yang and Mickle report. “It wasn’t immediately clear how the order might affect iPhones, since Apple says it does have anti-spam measures… According to Apple, users can automatically filter out unknown senders, which could help them screen spam. They can also report a spammer to Apple by clicking a link beneath a message.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Impotent saber-rattling.

Apple benefits China in many, many ways and China knows this.

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  1. Apple; the filter to prevent/enable the “right” kind of content. Great position to be, if one likes living in a contradictory mode.

    Maybe for the citizens of China, the censorship’s effect is lessened b/c wealth is an option? At least for now.

      1. Fiduciary duty requires a company act with the honest belief that the actions taken was in the bests interests of the company. Cutting off a government that is attempting to extort it sounds like a qualifying situation to me.

        FD doesn’t require a company to make a profit at the expense of the larger business

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