iPhone X sets new record for resale value, averaging 85% of retail price

“The iPhone X didn’t just set a new record for iPhone pricing, it’s also reportedly doing the same for how well it holds its resale value,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “Liquidation specialist B-Stock says that high demand is seeing used models sell for an average of 85% of the original price.”

“One reason for this is high domestic demand,” Lovejoy reports. “While a significant percentage of iPhone models are sent overseas, the company says that almost all iPhone X models are sold within the USA, with just 2% being sold abroad.”

Lovejoy reports, “The popularity of the new form factor also means that those who want an iPhone X, and are looking to save a little money by buying a used one, won’t consider alternative models.”

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MacDailyNews Take: YKBiXID.

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    1. DG’s point is spot on way too expensive. The day I spend $1,000 a year on an iPhone is the day hell freezes over. The article bears that out as fact: “the company says that almost all iPhone X models are sold within the USA, with just 2% being sold abroad.” 2% worldwide sales proves the point and it is not whining, it’s called reality …

        1. Two different things, correct. Allow me to help you with reading comprehension. Nowhere did I say I can’t afford it. What you missed is hell will freeze over before I waste $1,000 a year on a phone. There is a big difference between being frugal and poor. So I resoundingly reject your misinterpretation…

          1. “waste $1000 a year”
            I wasn’t aware that they only lasted one year? You could easily use this iPhone for 4 years. Now you’re down to $250 per year (math ain’t that hard pal) or $20 per month.

            Or, sell it after year one for approx 75% of og price. Please attempt to comprehend these articles instead of simply readying your preconceived replies.

            1. You laughing at me, JDA? 😉

              Read my follow up posts as I acknowledge from others there is a way around it.

              But it seems everyone is missing the MAIN point …

            2. Yes, you are correct on ROI if Apple doesn’t obsolete iOS in four years. I was speaking to the cool kids crowd that updates yearly. But even then can recoup roughly 60% of the value selling the older model. So if that is true after less than a year, it proves the point they are too expensive to begin with. Like buying a new car drive it off the lot and it loses thousands in resale value …

            3. I calculated that you’ve got to use it for five years to bring down the daily costs to some reasonable levels.
              The SE comes out much cheaper, even if you can only use it for two years, IIRC (I calculated last year with 3 years of SE vs 5 years of X – but the X may even last 6 years, given that 2013’s 5S will get iOS12 in 2018.

              If you don’t drop it.

              But I really like the X. It’s the phone I want.

          2. Regardless of what you say, what you mean is you can’t afford it. Work harder, vote Republican and worship the orange moron and good things will come to your bank account … hahahahahahahahaha.

            But seriously, get a better job and you can afford better toys and if that doesn’t matter to you then you should shut up and stop whining like a little twerp.

            1. “Regardless of what you say, what you mean is you can’t afford it.”

              Regardless of what you say you know NOTHING of my financial health. How presumptuous and erroneous of you, not a surprise.

              Please STFU Banned Citizen X. You are a pathetic as usual …

      1. So, if the iPhone X is worth 85% used, then that means the actual operating cost is $150 in the first year, if you paid $1000 for it, NOT “$1000 a year”.

        1. Several months shy of a year and the ROI percentage will no doubt change. But your point is correct if you rent your phone for a couple months a year and get on the yearly sell and upgrade cycle. Personally a major PITA as I like to own for an extended period of time. Too each his own.

          Folks, don’t be distracted by the $1,000 a year comment. The MAIN point is the phone is too expensive. They sell a paltry 2% outside the USA. if that doesn’t convince you, nothing will …

    2. Nice Attack behind a throwaway ID.

      Gazelle will give you less than $500 for a pristine iPhone X. To see that kind of depreciation in a year you would have to buy a Chevy.

      If you do not have better uses for $1000, feel free. If I spend $1,000 on a Leica lens, I bet it holds it’s value better.

  1. The X fanboy cult doesn’t have a compelling story here. They want to spend an additional $300 to unlock their phone differently, fine. You can buy iPhone X for a lot less than 15% off with very little effort.

    But if the phone is so perfect, why would anyone sell it? Could it be that touchid and a notchfree screen is better for all these resellers?

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