The MacBook Pro’s T2 chip boosts enterprise security: Secure boot, even for Windows installations on a Mac

“You may have missed an all-new enterprise-focused feature woven inside of Apple’s all-new MacBook Pro – its new T2 chip which fundamentally enhances the security of these computers,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“The successor to the T1, Apple’s T2 chip enables secure boot and encrypted storage on the machine. It first appeared on the iMac Pro,” Evans writes. “It controls Touch ID (using a secure enclave), the Touch Bar and integrates numerous tasks which once required multiple controllers, such as the system management controller (SMC), image signal processor, ambient light sensor, and audio and SSD (solid-state drive) controllers.”

“What should be of most interest to enterprise users is that chips built-in support for on-the-fly encryption and secure boot,” Evans writes. “Secure boot will also verify the integrity of Boot Camp Windows volumes on a Mac.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yet another reason why smart companies choose Apple Macintosh.

Apple’s Mac means business.


  1. Even Snoop Hoggs like me know that the sweetest truffles grow on the Apple side of the fence, while the garbage dump is over on the Windows side.

    Better than a nuthin’ dog but only by a bit.

    1. Hey dude, I am the fake Snoop Dogg making fun of the real Snoop Dogg, with names like Doop Snogg and Snoop Hogg.

      I guess I must be really good at imitating the REAL Snoop Dogg, a little too accurate, eh?

    1. There are proprietary chips in virtually all laptops/desktops.

      Since the T2 allows checking Windows Boot Camp volumes, that is a distinct plus for me. There are simply too many projects requiring running Windows native to not have use of Windows in Boot Camp.

      I say it is a plus. Apple is still impressing me and I look forward to the next MacBook Pro version, because I can deal with my “old” Mac Book Pro for now as it is not restricting me.

      1. Do you have to set it up to boot from an external disk before the internal disk fails, or can it be done after and you are then trying to boot off of an external backup disk? It’s not clear from the descriptions.

        1. I don’t know. But I do know that to prevent disasters, we all need to update at least one clone each day so we don’t have to recreate so much work.

          If I was doing supercritical work, I would clone at every break time.

          There is just no way to predict when the klutz in the company spills a coke on your MBPro.

        2. Sure there is. Right before you backup. 🙂 I was in China on a project and was seconds from finishing offloading a bunch of seismic data from a bunch of instruments and taking my laptop to my room to back it up. Someone tripped on the Ethernet cable. Had to download everything again with a different laptop.

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