Apple’s iOS 11.4 is killing iPhone battery life

“For iPhone users, it looks like iOS 11 will end up being a mess until the very end,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR. “There’s precious little question at this point that iOS 11 has been Apple’s most problematic mobile software release in many years. Right out of the gate users noticed serious issues with performance and an exorbitant amount of bugs. Memory management issues caused noticeable performance issues with iPhones and iPads, and a surprising number of security holes have been discovered over the past year.”

“What is perhaps most surprising about iOS 11 is that even now, nearly a year after the software was first released, there are still new problems that pop up left and right with the release of each new update,” Epstein writes. “iOS 11.4 is the latest mobile software release from Apple, and users have flooded social media and Apple’s support forums with complaints that their iPhone battery life has been decimated by Apple’s most recent software update.”

“It’s no wonder that Apple reportedly chose to delay a number of big new features in iOS 12 in order to focus more closely on ironing out all of the wrinkles in iOS 11,” Epstein writes. “After nearly a year of dealing with buggy iPhones and iPads, iOS 12 is already a breath of fresh air in its current beta state.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Suffice to say, iOS 11 was not Apple’s finest effort.

We’re not going to say we warned Apple this sort of annus horribilis was coming, but we did.

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  1. Thank God I am not the only one. My iPhone SE started shutting down by the early afternoon. I was getting only 50-60% of my normal battery life within a couple days of installing iOS 11.4. I’ve even gone through a full restore of the device trying to sort things out. That only helped slightly. It’s still dying by mid-afternoon if I don’t get the thing on a charger.

    1. I found that turning off Push email fixed the issue for me.

      iphone 6 was working fine until the update, then battery dropped to less than a day before it was nearly dead.

    2. My battery is doing so much better today after the 11.4.1 update. It’s 2PM and I’m still at 80% battery. Would have been dipping below 50% on the previous version.

  2. All you need to know about this article is contained in the very first sentence – “Zach Epstein writes for BGR.”

    BGR and Epstein lack any shred of credibility. They are little more than a collection of whores over there. Editorial standards are nonexistent and the comment sections make MDN look kind and gentle. Management condones abuse, harassment, homophobia and worse. Most of their “articles” are simply shill pieces which they hope to earn a few shekels on if you click through to Amazon and buy the product.

  3. My hand-me-down iPhone 5s seems to be working pretty well, although battery life seems to be dwindling lately. That could be due to age, iOS 11, or (most likely) a combination of the two. Still, being the phone’s third or fourth owner, I am satisfied with the value and utility that this iPhone 5s has delivered. I might even spring for a brand new iPhone this winter…

  4. All through iOS 11 my iPhone 7 runs hot when using Apple Maps and Tunein Radio Pro. Tune in does not run hot by itself, but add Apple Nav to the mix and it gets quite hot in the shade in no case.

    Many recent versions of iOS also have a habit of hiccups in music downloaded to the device or streaming for no apparent reason. Just today I was in my car on the phone and iTunes just started playing music for no apparent reason while the call was ongoing through CarPlay.

    QA/QC is not great at Apple these days.

  5. I received a new battery for my 6S and it was like a new phone. Then after updating to 11.4 I can’t through half a day without killing the battery. I’m using a battery case just to make it to bed time. C’mon Apple. Sloppy.

  6. Not having any battery issues on my iPhone X, nor is anyone else I know having issues.. I sometimes tire of anecdotal evidence and some web sites article accusing Apple of some issue and there are probably no serious or verifiable stats to back it up.. Tech Fake News.

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