Apple debuts three new ads touting iPad

Apple Singapore has debuted three short ads for iPad that focus on the small size and simplicity that iPad delivers.

Travel Simply: With iPad, you can be more flexible, making travel a little less painful.

Organised Notes: With iPad, you can keep your typed or handwritten notes neat and organised, even if you’re not.

All Your Stuff: With iPad, you can pack a bag with all your stuff, minus the stuff.

MacDailyNews Take: Good ads. Short and sweet, each with a simple message.

BTW, the “Travel Simply” spot reminded us that the evidence that Apple Pencil is poorly designed (it could really use a flat edge or weighted side) exists in every Apple Retail Store: Trays stuck to the table (a kludge to mitigate bad design).

Apple Pencil in tray so it doesn't roll onto the floor in an Apple Retail Store
Apple Pencil in tray so it doesn’t roll onto the floor in an Apple Retail Store


  1. pencils rolling is an issue but less so than some other problems as the pencil is supposed to be INTERNALLY WEIGHTED so that they don’t roll (I think the trays in the store are to mark where the pencils are and where they should be returned ).

    Bigger Pencil Issues:

    (I use my iPad Pro 12.9 and my 27 inch Wacom Cintiq everyday and the Wacom Stylus beats the iPad pencil in almost every respect)

    — the Wacom has better ergonomic shape. For mine you can even change the barrel to ‘fat’ which makes it way easier to draw for long periods. The slim elegant Apple Pencil was designed to mimic a real pencil and for aesthetics and not ‘best’ ergonomics.

    — Wacom : NO BATTERY , NO CHARGING needed !
    You don’t have to charge it like an a Apple Pencil. Big advantage to Wacom !

    — Here nitpicking : Wacom better response, better accuracy . But then again the Cintiq is a plugged in $2000 device. Mine connected to a upgraded Mac Pro with a GTX 980 titanium card so the response is going to be good. The Apple pencil for a mobile device is very good, but the much touted natural drawing ability like ‘smudge flare ‘ for the pencil tip is useless (not accurate enough).

    — Wacom has ERASER at end, programmable buttons. Eraser makes drawing way easier. You don’t have to click Eraser icon. (A work around for certain iPad programs is to set ‘finger’ touch to eraser and drawing to pen )

    1. All good points, and I can attest that the Pencil is weighted, and rolling (at least on a flat service) has never been a problem for me. But as you admit, the Cintiq is $2000 uni-purpose device. I use my iPad pro in business primarily as a replacement for the scads of legal pads that I’d fill up. I use Goodnotes with separate notebooks set up for clients and particular projects. The Pencil is great for taking notes, and now I can include photos and drawings in my notes. As for the Pencil, I do wish it had an eraser opposite the pointy end. If they would give it wireless charging they could do that (the Pencil feels particularly vulnerable when connected via the Lightning port).

      1. the iPad with pencil is good . Like I said I use mine everyday. I use OneNote which is better than Apple’s Notes.

        As usual I criticize Apple, not to troll but hoping someone there would pick up the info and improve their devices. No battery, maybe a second ‘artist’ model pencil with eraser and ergonomic while still selling their normal slim pencil for executives etc. would be nice.

        (It’s strange but the wacom pens run on technology, even the fancy ‘art’ pens with fancy brush angle and barrel rotation, without need for battery charging )

        (btw I’ve put a cheap rubber sleeve on my Apple pencil to make it easier to hold. Ugly though… ).

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