Apple, Samsung settle U.S. patent dispute

“Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Wednesday settled a years-long patent dispute, according to a filing the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California,” Stephen Nellis reports for Reuters. “The terms of the settlement were not disclosed in the court filing.”

“The settlement ends a patent battle that Apple has waged against Samsung since 2011 over allegations that Samsung violated Apple’s patents by ‘slavishly’ copying the design of the iPhone,” Nellis reports. “In May, a U.S. jury awarded Apple $539 million.”

“Samsung had previously paid Apple $399 million to compensate for patent infringement,” Nellis reports. “Samsung would need to make an additional payment to Apple of nearly $140 million if the verdict was upheld. How much, if anything, Samsung must pay Apple under Wednesday’s settlement could not immediately be learned.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, the settlement contains some strong anti-copying terms that will serve to prevent the slavish copier from doing theivery as usual going forward.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

And, here’s what cellphones looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

cellphones before and after Apple iPhone

People who buy Android phones and tablets reward thieves.

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    1. In my opinion. Samsung won this plainly. They dragged it on, widdling away at the initial $1Bill judgement, and now there there is no legal public record because apple caved and settled; which was important to Samsung, not to have a public record their humiliation as a convicted copier, which there should be as a final outcome.

      Furthermore, Samsung and and will continue to copy at Apple without restraint, and Apple will be very much be feckless about it, letting it just go on. It is the definition of loss.

      Also this is proof of Apple‘s incompetence in choosing and having good legal counsel. The patents they chose to pursue are among the stupidest in Apple‘s portfolio with regard to the iPhone. And that they are not further seeking damages on the many other iPhone patents that are much more meaningful, shows the weakness of apple’s current management, and just how feckless they all are.

      Samsung did right by hiring Quinn Emanuel, who basically outshone apple’s legal team at every step. Quinn and the entire trial etc. probably cost Apple around $20M in legal fees. They probably knocked 600Mill off the judgment (including the net present value of delaying payment over 7 years), so they deservedly are popping champagne for a mission accomplished. Samsung saved over $500mil by dragging this out, and ultimately, does NOT have a judgement in the record of them being what they are, a slavish evil copying garbage company.

      Tim Cook and Company have just done a terrible job with regard to apple’s intellectual property, and let a thief get the better of them.

  1. At last. I thought I was going to die before this was settled. Let’s hope Samsung agreed to pay at least part of Apples lawyer fees.

    Now Apple has won and set a precedent what’s the chances of them going after others that have ripped them off?

    1. Apple has no need to go after anyone else. The purpose of the lawsuit was to establish Samsung phones as copycat devices in the public consciousness. Because Samsung phones run Android, the reputation of Android and all Android phone makers has been similarly tarnished (and rightly so, in my opinion).

      As a result, Apple completely owns the high end smartphone market and with it, 90%+ of smartphone industry profits.

      Mission accomplished.

  2. It’s quite certain that Samsung made a great deal of money copying Apple.

    That said, the value of Apple winning the first verdict was very important in terms of public opinion. It raised public awareness about Samsung’s sleazy behavior.

    Having the verdict upheld on appeal and then having the monetary damages increased in this latest round is another huge win for Apple. With each verdict, Samsung’s reputation as a copycat and an “also-ran” is more firmly embedded in the public consciousness.

    Regardless of the monetary damages, Samsung is the ultimate loser in the long run.

    1. “Samsung is the ultimate loser in the long run”
      Actually, Samsung is the ultimate winner in the long run. They established themselves as the go to company for Android phones. Something many other companies (including American companies) that tried and failed to do.

      1. A good analog is the Apple-Microsoft operating system dispute, which dragged on for many years. It did not stop Microsoft from eventually dominating the home computer market with Windows.

        My bet is that most people today will say that Microsoft won. Furthermore, they believe that Microsoft “bailed-out” Apple from bankruptcy by investing $150B. The truth is that the investment in stock did nothing for Apple. It was the commitment to maintain Microsoft Office on the Mac for at least five years that was more important.

        Lesson learned. Most people are ignorant of the facts and details. Lesson 2 – even those who think that they know something are probably wrong.

    2. “It raised public awareness about Samsung’s sleazy behavior.”

      It would be nice to think so, but I do not believe that is the case. Most people were oblivious to the lawsuit. Others had just a sketchy, incomplete, and flawed knowledge of the issues and believed Samsung’s assertion that Apple was simply trying to protect a “rectangle with rounded edges” to extort money from Samsung. Personally, I don’t believe that the lawsuit had a significant effect on unit sales by Apple or Samsung in the long run. People were/are driven far more strongly by other reasons, such as familiarity, brand loyalty, design/aesthetics, friends and family, cost, etc.

  3. Or now samsung has to pay a licensing fee for each device sold, since the court upheld the patent.

    Now it doesn’t matter how much they copy, they have to pay to do so

    1. Since the terms of the settlement were not disclosed, we really don’t know if any patents were actually upheld or they simply agreed on an amount to end future cases and stop paying more to the lawyers.

  4. My guess is Timmy gave away the farm and settled with some very low concessions from Samsung ( yes, it’s Samsung, not Scam Or Dung or any other childish term.) Timmy just legitimized them 100% by not making the terms public.

  5. I’m sure Apple lost more than it gained thanks to a faulty legal system. I always get a kick out of secret settlements. Both sides have tried to sway public opinion and when it’s is finally settled, no one is suppose to know. What a piece of work.

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