New Apple Pay promo gives you free food delivery from Postmates

“Apple wants you to use Apple Pay and it’s willing to reward you if you’ll give it a shot,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac. “The company’s latest Apple Pay promotion offers free delivery on food ordered from food delivery service Postmates through its app.”

Dormehl reports, “Unlike many of the one-week promotions Apple runs for Apple Pay, this offer runs through the end of June”

“Apple Pay’s previous weekly promotions have included free fries at McDonald’s, money off sporting goods from Fanatics, free delivery on fast food, discounted grocery deliveries and money off your movie tickets,” Dormehl reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Incentivizing Apple Pay use is a great idea, however obvious it may be.

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  1. No such options from Apple in the UK, unless i am missing something. Also strange to learn that McDonalds fries was offered for free by Apple in one of their promotions. With the Apple watch Apple is promoting health & fitness, with Apple pay they are promoting obesity. Clash Much

  2. why dont Apple promote Apple pay at its stores where we get great discounts, and this can be implemented all around the world where there is an Apple store and not just America. I would love to buy iTunes vouchers and other items if offered at a discount. Common Apple, wizen up 😡

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