Samsung compares Galaxy S9 to iPhone 6 in stupid new commercial

“Samsung has released a new ad encouraging iPhone users to upgrade to the Galaxy S9, but there are several holes in the video,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“First and foremost, instead of comparing the two-month-old Galaxy S9 to the iPhone X, or even the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, the one-minute clip shows a woman becoming increasingly frustrated with her seemingly glacially slow iPhone 6, released in 2014, as she travels by plane to visit her sister,” Rossignol reports. “The woman’s woes start at an airport security checkpoint, where a security officer reminds travelers to have their boarding passes and IDs ready. The woman taps on the Wallet app on her iPhone, but a white screen appears, suggesting the device is lagging badly. The security officer is visibly displeased.”

“Later in the night, the woman visits an Apple Store and asks if her slow iPhone can be fixed that night. In a monotonous voice, the employee advises her that she can turn off Apple’s performance management, at the risk of unexpected shutdowns, without mentioning that a battery replacement may solve the problem,” Rossignol reports. “Looking exhausted, the woman leaves the store and walks by a person with a notch-shaped haircut that clearly mocks the iPhone X, as seen in an earlier ad.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yawn.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if Apple had an ad showing a samsung phone exploding and burning just as what happened in real life! Apple would never do it. Too bad SNL didn’t do this when it was happening.

  2. … my wife’s iPhone 6 and my 6 Plus have been chugging along just as smoothly as when new, and I only charge my Plus once a week. We’ve never had any issues, but I’ve known a number of people with Android phones who definitely have with theirs.

    1. is running very well. I took part of the batt replcmt program, more because it was a good deal, vs pronounced slowness, or charge issues.
      If Apple would have submitted a similar ad blunder, it would have been bye-bye CEO. I know the readers here would have had an aneurism.

    2. If you only charge your 6+ once a week you’re not using it at all and of course it ‘runs like new’.

      I just experienced unexpected shutdowns on my 6+; it had 50-60% remaining power according to the screen but upon unexpected reboot it showed NO power as it began quickly recharging.

      Set up an appointment at Apple Store where they replaced the battery (no wait for appointment nor the replacement battery) and all is good again.

  3. Copy and pasted from macrumors… DanielDD

    “Samsung finally gets it. Their flagships compete with 4 year-old Apple devices!”


  4. I stay with Apple because I like the integration between my devices that is simply non-existent with Android devices. Samsung can misrepresent all they want, but to this day an Android phone will not automatically back itself up to a TimeCapsule equivalent or sync to a laptop as seamlessly.

  5. They dared to put that clumsy OS animation at the end. The 2 second that kills eveything. iPhone user sees this, it is a no go.

    On the other end, lets thanks Samswing in putting that much of Apple in their ads.

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