Apple News features Royal Wedding coverage with special tab for UK users

“Apple News is featuring a special ‘Royal Wedding’ tab ahead of the big event tomorrow,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “Interestingly, the News app has actually changed the name of the second Spotlight tab to highlight the time-sensitive event.”

“Despite international attention, this tab appears to be showing for UK users only at the moment,” Mayo reports. “Devices set to the US region are still seeing the normal Spotlight news items.”

“The Royal Wedding tab is appropriately themed with royal red and gold colors,” Mayo reports. “There’s also an itinerary of events for Saturday, with the ‘Order of Service’ showing what’s happening with localized times. We expect that Apple will continually update this tab in the morning.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: There’s you go, royal fans!


  1. I watched the whole wedding. Of particular interest was a woman with four 1′ high feathers sticking from the top of a small hat; George and Amal Clooney were there; The Catholic Meghan Markle blinked a lot at key moments during her Protestant vow. Her Catholic mom could not stop sobbing. The royal carriage guard wore chest armour. An official US flag surprised me. Harry’s former girlfriend has nice legs. I did not expect Harry to wear all black which stood on stark contrast to the gaudy clothes of the attendants and sundry officials. I am looking forward to reading about their good works as well as their shenanigans in the Globe and the Enquirer.

    1. The greatest thing about the wedding is that John Dingbatler, Artshiste, was not there. I would never invite this faketiste to my wedding.

    2. Ms. Markle was never a Roman Catholic. She was raised as a Protestant, attended a Catholic school, but was never baptized as either. Her first formal church membership was, and is, in the Church of England.

      Her mother was never Roman Catholic either. She has identified as Episcopalian, which is why the Episcopal Church’s Presiding Bishop was invited to preach at the wedding.

      Try not to make stuff up next time.

      1. Like most Americans, I can’t be bothered to check anyone’s assertions, so I’ll go with the ones that seem right to me based on my personal experiences and biases. Later, if said assertions prove false, I’ll engage my highly developed rational faculties to excuse myself for believing them, and cast aspersions on those who would demean an honest woman led astray by innuendo. Much later, being somewhat honest, I will discipline myself by privately giving up chocolate ice cream for the evening and vowing to hold my tongue the next time round. It’s never worked, but I keep trying.

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