Ireland, Apple appeal over EU tax clawback gets timeframe

“An appeal by Apple and Ireland against a European Union ruling for the U.S. firm to pay 13 billion euros ($16 billion) in disputed taxes is likely to be heard in the autumn, Irish Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe said on Tuesday,” Padraic Halpin reports for Reuters.

“The European Commission ruled in August 2016 that Apple had received unfair tax incentives. Both Apple and Dublin are appealing the original ruling, saying the iPhone maker’s tax treatment was in line with Irish and European Union law,” Halpin reports. “‘We expect the appeal is likely to begin in the autumn,’ Donohoe told journalists on Tuesday. ‘How long the hearings will last will depend on the judges overseeing it and could be open to either party after that to take any further actions.'”

“The Commission told Ireland to collect 13 billion euros in back taxes, a figure Ireland’s finance department estimated last year could reach 15 billion euros including EU interest. Interest due by Apple will be calculated after the initial 13 billion is collected, Donohoe said,” Halpin reports. “Last October the Commission said it was taking Dublin to the European Court of Justice over delays in recovering the money.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The EU’s farce drags on.

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    1. A leprechaun court would be more appropriate for Ireland.

      No offense intended. Just joking about indigenous fauna and mythological creatures.

  1. Interest?! The EU is charging interest, accruing while the appeal process drags along. I believe this qualifies as tyranny.

    Meanwhile, is the EU going to pay interest to Apple on the cash if/when the EU loses Apple & Ireland’s appeal? Something tells me ‘no’. 🙄

    1. Hey Derek, from what I understand the money is being held in escrow until the case is appealed until which time the money will go to the appropriate party with interest.
      So the something actually tells you “yes” and if you are looking for a tyrannical criminal nation I’d look for some bottom of the barrel scum nation that does stuff like, torture people, invades on a imaginary whims, and murders people in genocidal numbers. I don’t think that Ireland and the EU qualify for that. Now Apple’s home nation on the other hand….

      1. Thank you for clarifying the escrow situation. Interest is only fair.

        As for that barrel of scum, I think you know my point of view. But there are some dirty doings involved from the UK as well. I’ve hoped for a wiser perspective from the old country. But there has not only been considerable collaboration. One could say that the messing around with the Middle East began last century in the halls of the British Parliament.

        So there’s lots of suckage to go around. Rather than give into cynicism, we both speak our perceived truth to power and strive for sanity, versus the BS we both have now. I do wish our species as a whole would grow the hell up in a hurry. We are indeed petulant children with regard to our treatment of, my usual line, miracle planet Earth, our only home, including how we treat ourselves.

        1. My pleasure Derek. I haven’t been following Brexit to much, again like this case it’s expected to drag on as well but not as long as say looking for a weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq. Of course the middle east is like the place to be for war mongers, heck Syria can’t even have a civil war without some full of it country sticking ther uninvited noses in it.

          On the other hand President Moon Jae-in along with has made peaceful progress with North Korea, as oppose to those with that sanction fetish. So many sanctions.

          That keeps my optimism up, the important nations will advance humanity, the others, well they will pathetically keep on looking for weapons of mass destruction.

          After all it comes right from the top.

          “Because we’re so stupid”

          Donald Trump

          1. The 9-11 phenomenon is complex. But it’s well known that we can point directly at Israeli intelligence for its genesis. Their concept became the core of the so-called Washington DC ‘think tank’ named ‘Project For The New American Century’ (PNAC). It consisted of what we call ‘Neo-Conservatives’, people President Reagan called ‘The Crazies’ during his administration. PNAC created their manifesto in 1997 and published it in 1998. They sent it to then President Clinton as their mandate for the US military: Invade Iraq (to put it very simply). When G.W. Bush was put into the White House as President by the US Supreme Court, VP Dick Cheney, a member of PNAC, filled the Bush cabinet with almost exclusively PNAC members. Their manifesto of invading Iraq became manifest specifically because of their direct enablement of the 9-11 events. The Clinton administration knew about the developing Al Queda plot. The Bush administration was told about it. The event was allowed to happen by the Bush administration, plus they added some elaborations of their own for the purpose of creating what they called a ‘Pearl Harbor’ type event in order to fool US citizens into endorsing the intended invasion of Iraq. After the 9-11 events, a lot of mess side details presented themselves that diverted their intended invasion until 2003 using, as you point out, fabricated justification. They had to somehow connect Iraq with 9-11. That wasn’t at all possible. Oops. So the myth of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ nonsense was fed to the suckers, including Secretary of Defense Colin Powell, who fed the mind raping poison to the United Nations as justification for the upcoming fulfillment of the mandate of Israeli intelligence way back circa 1996.

            But nobody here in the USA wants to bother paying attention to the facts. It is the single most treasonous and deceitful government run event in US history. I consider it the crack in the edifice through which insanity now flows into the USA, demolishing its future. But I’m just one perspective on that future.

            Anyway, you can see why Breitbart, Cambridge Analytica, the Russians, ad nauseam figured they could screw over the 2016 election. Further fooling of US citizens into all manner of insanity has become a constant event. Propaganda strategies are as old as human history. It just happens that 9-11 was the climax with all the rest of the onslaught an inevitable overflow of sewage from deranged minds within and without the USA.

            And here we are.

            Now back to the derangement going on in the UK. Please please don’t pretend your country doesn’t have its own ongoing crazies effect. I read about ongoing lunacy there every week. Brexit turns out to be one of the worst of those lunatic events with ramifications yet to be determined. That subject is not my dissertation to write.

  2. Shouldn’t this case be between the EU/Ireland and the US Treasury, since the 13 billion Euros in possible taxes will come out of monies already paid to the US Treasury.

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