“Around where I live, the Apple Watch is a hit,” Mathias Eichler writes for iMore. “I’m often surprised at how many people I see wearing one as I visit clients, or while standing in line at the coffee shop. Smart notifications, custom complications, and fitness tracking have made the watch a compelling product for most everyday tasks, and as of Series 3, the product seems to have at last found its groove.”

“But I don’t spend my free time doing everyday tasks: I prefer to leave the pavement and the daily workout routine behind and head for the mountains,” Eichler writes. “Naturally, it made me curious — could the Series 3 Apple Watch track my backcountry workouts as well as more-normal tasks?”

“After about two months of testing, I came to the realization that even if my watches weren’t the panacea I was looking for, I already have a great backcountry tool: my iPhone. It can recharge mid-flight, a key problem that no smartwatch can really handle effectively. It has a large screen and powerful mapping apps, both of which are much better ways to navigate through the woods,” Eichler writes. “On backcountry outings, you need to bring a backpack with essential gear, and a phone and charger won’t add much to your weight. And, of course: You need to phone to take pictures of your trip.”

Tons more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: For something like a long-distance backcountry run, we can definitely see how an iPhone and an external charger would trump a Garmin, Suunto, or Apple Watch.