Apple’s iOS increases lead in Australian smartphone market, taking 56.2 percent market share

Apple’s iOS stretched its “lead in the Australian smartphone market for the fourth quarter of 2017, according to research firm IDC, fuelled by the release of the iPhone X in November,” Jonathan Chadwick reports for ZDNet.

“1.76 million iOS devices were shipped for the quarter, registering market share of 56.2 percent, up from 54.9 percent in Q4 2016, representing year-on-year unit growth of 14.5 percent, according to the firm’s Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker,” Chadwick reports. “Android, meanwhile, saw shipments of 1.37 million — representing year-on-year growth of 9.7 percent — and market share of 43.8 percent for the quarter, down from 44.6 percent in Q4 2016.”

Chadwick reports, “‘Riding on the back of the very successful iPhone X launch, the tables have turned, and iOS has not only returned to the top but stretched its lead,’ said Bilal Javed, IDC senior market analyst.”

MacDailyNews Take: You know, because iPhone X is a flop, according to Nikkei (smirk).

“Samsung was the second-placed manufacturer for the quarter, behind Apple, despite the Korean company’s share dropping from 24.6 percent in Q3 2017 to 15.4 percent in Q4 2017,” Chadwick reports. “Just 45 individual Windows phones were sold in the quarter in Australia, resulting in a year-on-year drop of 99.7 percent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 45 individual Windows phones were sold in the quarter.

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  1. Australia has always been a great market for Apple, with historical Mac usage way above other Western economies as well.
    Anecdotally, I see iPhone X’s in use really frequently now as I travel to and from work by public transport in Sydney.

    AirPods are near ubiquitous, especially at the gym, which surprised me as I thought they might be a bit too geeky for general acceptance but when a massive proportion of model types (as in actual, professional fitness models) and professional athletes of both sexes across multiple sports are wearing them during their workouts you know they’ve definitely crossed into cool territory. I’m surrounded by AirPod wearers at the office (the shape isn’t comfortable for my ears otherwise I’d have some too!) and many people just leave one or both in all day as they wander around between working spaces.

  2. One country out of a hundred favors iOS. In all developing nations, Android is probably favored by 10,000 to one over iOS. Apple clearly has no chance of ever gaining overall market share percentage against Android. Google made sure that every person on the planet can afford an Android smartphone. That has to be one of the greatest achievements ever, even more so than Windows domination. When a company is practically giving something away for free, that’s a hard thing to compete with. Every time I hear some analyst boasting about Android smartphone market share gains, I can only shake my head in disgust because it’s practically a given.

    Android OS market share percentage is so ridiculously high now, the only way they can increase it further is for Google to teach chimps how to use smartphones.

    1. Oh gaaawwwwd! Do we REALLY have to explain AGAIN that marketshare, as an isolated number, is empty.

      Marketshare is as meaningless as the eyeballs that people desperately sought in the early days of Web business.

      What is business for? To make money. Profitability is the vastly more important metric. And, as I’m sure you actually know, Apple has the majority of ALL smartphone profits – worldwide … vastly more than ALL OTHER COMPANIES COMBINED.

    2. Jackass, Google covets everyone’s information and with Android dominant they will get it and Google becomes the New Overlord. The few remaining people With Any Sense At All will be easily identified and herded into re-indoctrination compounds. Market Share, my ass! Only a brain-dead investor like you would wring his hands at one set of numbers and ignore the more meaningful numbers. A corporate takeover of the world is just around the corner, or is already happening now. We must mobilise before it is too late!

    3. Frakk you’re a sad sack of moronity, Mag.

      Marketshare and PROFITS are two different things.

      Mag, you have 110% marketshare in not having a brain, but zero marketshare in knowing how to make profits.

  3. The iP8 was a big hit as well. I got one. It has to do with the upgrade cycle. Even though you could always buy outright here, most get their phone as part of a two year provider contract.

  4. Ok, so Apple has taken a lead in the quarter their new phones are released. What does it look like for a year’s worth of sales data since Android devices are released year-round. Looks more like cherry picking a quarter to me.

    1. Android and iOS tend to swap the lead around between them in Australia in the first 2 quarters after the new iPhone gets released followed by the Android mob at this time of the year.
      But while Apple slowly edges a bit further ahead each year, Samsung has definitely fallen behind in th manufacturer stakes.

      Bear in mind this is success in market share in a market that has one of the highest costs of housing relative to wages in the Western World. Yet consumers are still opting to spend up big for quality phones.

      As I referenced in an earlier post, we’re obviously smarter down here as is evidenced by our overweight Mac OS usage 😜

  5. Microsoft are a bunch of kwock suckers whose employees are too smart to buy rubbish Windows Moan-biles.

    Microsoft are the death knell of the computer industry and deserve to shrivel up into utter irrelevance.

    A big FU to Microshaft.

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