Apple’s wearables business is now nearly size of Fortune 300 company

“Apple CEO Tim Cook provided a bit of color on the company’s wearables business during Tuesday’s shareholders meeting, saying combined Apple Watch, AirPods and Beats headphones revenue is nearing that of a Fortune 300 company,” AppleInsider reports. “‘I’m not a big fan of that word,’ Cook said, referring to the term ‘wearables.’ Whatever Cook wants to call it, sales of Apple Watch, AirPods and Beats are growing. Thought to be leading the charge, at least in terms of revenue, is the premium priced Apple Watch.”

“Apple has dominated the smartwatch industry since the first Apple Watch debuted in 2015. Driven by strong demand for Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch saw its best quarter ever in the recently ended first fiscal quarter of 2018, exhibiting 50 percent sales growth year-over-year,” AppleInsider reports. “Over the same period, estimates from market analyst Canalys had Apple ship more Watch units than the entire Swiss watch industry, a first for any smartwatch maker.”

Beyond Watch,” AppleInsider reports, “AirPods remain a hot seller and is consistently out of stock on Apple’s online storefront.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The 300th biggest company on the Fortune 500 is Alcoa with $9.318 billion in fiscal year revenue.

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  1. Wall Street still doesn’t consider it good enough, so it probably doesn’t count for much. Even Apple’s services being worth a Fortune 500 company don’t matter so Apple has a long, long way to go to excite greedy investors. Right out of the gate, AppleWatch was deemed a failed product and that’s likely how it’s still seen by many. Besides, AppleWatch sales are always being compared to iPhone sales and, of course, AppleWatch ultimately comes up short as a company revenue driver.

  2. Where are the naysayers, now? Apple Watch 3 is a truly fantastic product and the perfect entrance point for the early majority technology adopter.

    I believe it is cannabilizing sales from iPhone X, which is a good thing. Would you rather spend $1000 on a new phone or ~$400+/- for a watch? The watch provides way more marginal utility than upgrading from an iPhone 6s or 7 to a an X. Plus you have money left over to buy AirPods and HomePod!

    1. They’re still saying nay 🙂 For EVERY opinion in the world, there’s at least one website (maybe several, the feed off each other” with the “TRUE” story that supports their worldview.

      I mean, I haven’t seen Apple’s ledger sheets, how do we know they’re not making their profits from the Opium trade? HEY!! I’m just askingquestions here, nothing wrong with that. OH and is Tim saying he’s gay just because he’s guilty of beating his former “secret” female wife? I haven’t been around him 24 hours a day seven days a week for his whole life and NEITHER HAVE YOU! You don’t know it’s false. Anyway, I’m just asking questions.

        1. All I know (and this is highly anecdotal) is that I see Apple Watches on wrists a lot more than I used to – regulalry/frequently. I make a point to ask these people what they think of it and EVERY person says they LOVE it. Until I got mine, I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about.

          One problem that I see Apple has in selling the Watch is whether or not to show the Watch app on the phone in ads and on web. Personally I think part of the Aha! moment is when you set things up with the phone app but its sort tricky to communicate.

          By the way, the X is a terrific product but it is meant for Lead Users and Early Adopters. I suspect we will see features migrate down the product line in a less expensive more mainstream phone. I think it was a brilliant strategy on Apple’s part to launch this phone of the future with the 8. They really segmented their customers perfectly and it led to increased margins while managing component inventory limitations. It did their brand a world of good, too, to scoop Samsung.

  3. Isn’t it ironic that the term “wearables” is simply going away, since Apple started dominating the field. People aren’t talking about it as a huge new opportunity anymore, and we just don’t hear the term much anymore. It’s going to be huge, but I suspect for just the one company.

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