Apple hardware engineer hiring jumped 80% this fall; What’s Cupertino building?

“Two weeks ago, we reported that Apple was in the throes of a designer hiring spree at its new Apple Park Santa Clara Valley operation,” Joshua Fruhlinger writes for Thinknum.

“Beginning in October, design openings jumped from 40 to 70 on January 12, 2018, a sharp increase for the company that was hiring an average of around 20-30 designers at any one time. The openings included such telling specialties as motion scientists, product managers, optical engineers, touch ASIC digital architect, iPhone System Engineer, Siri engineers, iPhone product managers, plastic tooling engineers, and prototype iOS Engineers,” Fruhlinger writes. “This jump in design openings led us – and many others who covered our story – to believe that Apple is up to something special, likely a new product design that – to this date – no one has thought of.”

“But there’s One More Thing. We discovered what appears to be an absolutely massive jump in hardware engineering positions at Apple’s headquarters,” Fruhlinger writes. “Starting in September with 665 hardware engineering openings, a swift upslope in positions this fall peaked just last week at 1,198 – a rise of 80%. In short, it’s possible that whatever all those new designers are con[j]uring, Apple needs thousands of engineers to make it happen.”

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  1. You all have it wrong. It is time to fire Tim Cook! Those engineers are only hired for media attention, they are really just twiddling their thumbs doing nothing. Apple can’t innovate, they don’t invent any products, they only copy now. Nothing is being built and it will never happen without Steve Jobs there. Apple has fallen behind the competition in every current product category. /s

  2. Hundreds of engineers just to design and build a better iPhone and the tech critics will still say Apple doesn’t have any innovation left. For so many years it was said that Apple didn’t have anything worthwhile in the pipeline. What’s odd is how Samsung can turn out hundreds of products every year without breaking a sweat, yet it takes Apple six years to update their Mac Pro computer and nearly 4 years to upgrade the Mac Mini. Totally puzzling. Why is it so hard for Apple to do what other companies do routinely? It makes no sense to me.

    1. other companies do *not* routinely do what Apple does. Samsung launched its copied smartphones on Android many years ago with the plan to shift over to Tizen. Apple shipped the *original* smartphone complete with its own iOS in 2007, and *without* the advantage of copying someone else’s design or utilizing someone else’s OS. See the difference?

      Now let me be clear – I am not defending Apple’s tardiness in updating its Macs – especially the Mac Pro and Mac mini. Apple can and should do much better. But, when you start making bogus comparisons to other companies just to make Apple look bad and bolster your argument, then I am going to call you on it.

      Apple has screwed up a few things in recent years. But it has also done a lot of things right – very right. And Apple is subject to less reasonable expectations nowadays. Apple spent years developing the iPhone, yet it was released without third party apps or App Store or lots of other things that we now consider essential and take for granted. Now people are complaining because Apple took six or seven years on the HomePod and it doesn’t do everything out of the box from the start. Two different things at two different times, I realize, yet there are similarities.

      I an convinced of this – Apple will continue to progress and improve and advance its products, software, and ecosystem. As long as Apple focuses on providing a superior customer experience and protecting consumer privacy, then I will maintain my loyalty to the company. That doesn’t mean that I won’t criticize Apple – I expect them to pursue perfection and the special Apple magic of simplicity through complexity. But I will support the company, even as I criticize its failings.

  3. My hopes evaporated long ago. Apple is all about big brother services now. I don’t see any effort going into PERSONAL computing at all. Less than zero effort into scientific or engineering software or hardware. I expect Apple is chasing after GM and Tesla for consumer transport… and Sony studios for entertainment, unfortunately. Money pits all.

    1. And they certainly neglected any Engineers specializing in “Heat Transfer” for the Mac Pro (and iMac Pro), although that’s really a misnomer.

      What Apple needs is a manager over the Thermal Management group who tells Johnny Ive … “HELL NO!”.

      … and gets backed up by Cook.

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