How to use your new HomePod with your Apple TV

“I recently got a new 4K UHD television set and purposefully didn’t invest in a sound bar because I knew my HomePod would be the perfect alternative thanks to AirPlay connectivity on Apple’s smart speaker,” Lory Gil writes for iMore. “You can’t use HomePod to control playback on Apple TV – you can’t ask Siri to play, rewind, or skip a movie or song track for you – but you can use it as a sound bar when connected to your Apple TV.”

“HomePod must be set up with a compatible iPhone or iPad. Currently, you can’t simply connect it directly to your Apple TV. So, you’ll first need to complete the HomePod setup process on your iPhone or iPad,” Gil writes. “You’ll also need a compatible Apple TV, which is the fourth-generation Apple TV or newer. Your HomePod must be connected to the same wifi network as your Apple TV.”

Apple's all-new HomePod
Apple’s all-new HomePod

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MacDailyNews Take: We can’t wait until Apple adds the ability to make two HomePods a stereo pair with the public release of iOS 11.3. Until then, we’ll enjoy one HomePod per room per Apple TV.

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  1. No offense..but this is really no-brainer stuff that apple should have already thought of..homepod should have auto-connection to ATV the same way earpods mate w/ iphones etc..and don’t get me started on the lack of multiple homepod configuration–one homepod per, apple? WTF? With all the time Cook and Co have had to think it through w/ this product–sadly it feels like simplicity and ease-of-use were an afterthought..

    1. I am not an Apple apologist. Certainly there are several things about the HomePod that should have been present on release. But, given Apple’s history, within 3 to 4 months I would expect to see all of that functionality and more. The old saying “better late than never” applies here, in my opinion.

      In my case, I simply refrain from purchasing a new Apple product until it meets my requirements. I let Apple know what is missing based on my perspective. Then I wait until I get what I want. If Apple doesn’t deliver, then it doesn’t make a sale.

      I can’t stand the people who buy and then gripe about it (not talking about you, giblet). To those people I say, either do your homework or accept the consequences.

  2. It’s hard to figure out Apple now isn’t it. Spend tons of money on R&D for a half baked piece of hardware like this. When this product was delayed I was hoping for a product that sounded good but was on par with Amazon so I could not only listen too but control my house with it using Apple’s own Home Kit. At release it does less than what Apple even said it will do. I’ve waited 2 years for Apple to have what they should of had shortly after SIRI was introduced. They have been beaten out by both Amazon and Google. I wish the buyers of HomePod well, and I hope in a few short months they will even get stereo but Apple you’ve lost me again. I’ve got to find another solution.

    1. Is that all you got from that post? Why not just address the qualms (agree or not..) he/she presented rather than fixating on a friggin typo like a little bitch. lol..

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