David Pogue hands-on with Apple’s HomePod: ‘Better sound than any competitor’

“After missing its holiday shipping deadline, Apple is almost ready to release the HomePod, its new smart speaker — something like the Amazon Echo or Sonos One,” David Pogue writes for Yahoo Tech. “Apple hasn’t yet let reviewers take one home for testing. But this week, it did something uncharacteristic and a little weird: It invited us to one-on-one listening sessions in a Manhattan corporate apartment.”

“The HomePod joins a long list of smart speakers, starting with the original, the Amazon Echo ($100); Google, Sonos, Harmon Kardan [sic], and others make them, too” Pogue writes. “But Apple has tried to differentiate the HomePod, and justify its high price ($350), by giving it better sound than any competitor — and in that, it has succeeded.”

“In a devastatingly effective demo, Apple lines up four of these things: The Google Home Max ($400), Sonos One ($200), Amazon Echo ($100), and the HomePod. They’re volume-matched and rigged to an A/B/C/D switch, so a single song can hop from one to the other,” Pogue writes. “The HomePod sounded the best… The Amazon Echo is a much smaller, slimmer device, one-third the price, so it’s forgiven for sounding thin compared with the HomePod. The Sonos One came awfully close to the HomePod’s rich sound; you’d really have to hear the A/B test to declare a difference. The real shock was the Google Home Max, a massive, 12-pound machine that’s supposed to be all about the sound; it sounded like cardboard compared with the HomePod and Sonos.”

Apple's all-new HomePod
Apple’s all-new HomePod

“The HomePod is not multi-room yet,” Pogue writes. “(That will come later in the year, Apple says.) You can’t even buy two HomePods and get stereo, as you can with is rivals. (That’s coming soon, too — which is good, because in a ‘preview’ demo, Apple played me two HomePods in stereo, and they sounded incredible. You could close your eyes and imagine a pair of expensive tower speakers.)

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MacDailyNews Take: HomePod is for Apple Music subscribers and iOS users. Pogue’s blaming Siri for being not “smart” for being unable (unwilling is more like it) to play competing streaming services via voice, but only via AirPlay from an iOS device, doesn’t strike us as very fair.

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  1. “Apple played me two HomePods in stereo, and they sounded incredible. You could close your eyes and imagine a pair of expensive tower speakers.)”

    OMG, pay $700 and you get acceptable stereo that sounds like you paid at least $700.

    And the earth stood still…

    1. $700 for high end tower speakers I paid not much less for high mid range 20 years ago so I guess you can be as subjective as you like about what you decide he is describing in that comment if you are so disposed to do so. Fact is though if you are getting comparable sound to same price dumb speakers plus all the other and over time increasing attributes that’s still a damn good value product.

    1. I can’t imagine why anyone would hate on David Pogue.

      Me thinks you’re misdirecting your personal problems onto others. Treat yourself with kindness, poor fellow, and you’ll treat others with kindness as well.

    1. Good point, except that nobody but you said anything about “better than expected.” It’s not in the summary, it’s not in the comments, and it’s not in the original article.

            1. Clearly you don’t understand. Your question does not follow logically. What’s worst is that you started the the very thread that you’re unable to comprehend.

  2. Oh Apple. Two steps forward, one step back. GET your act together ASAP please.

    “The HomePod is not multi-room yet . . . . You can’t even buy two HomePods and get stereo.

    That’s dead stupid. Make this PRIORITY Apple. Please. Who’s in charge of being LOGICAL over there? Your marketing research folks must be ripping out their hair trying to get you to move your oblivious butts in this niche! If you’re lucky enough to have marketing mavens in your company, LISTEN to them ! ! !

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