Apple leads in Indian premium smartphone market share, capturing 47% share in Q417

According to Counterpoint Research’s latest analysis on the Indian handset market, the premium smartphone segment (above INR 30,000 or US$471) was the second fastest growing segment (+20% YoY) in CY 2017 driven by the strong performance of Apple’s revolutionary iPhone.

“The Indian premium smartphone segment grew 20% annually by volume and 28% by value in CY 2017,” Tarun Pathak reports for Counterpoint Research. “Apple is still the leader in the premium segment, capturing 47% share during Q4 2017 and 38% during CY 2017, driven by strong shipments of iPhone X and iPhone 7.”

“Demand for iPhone 8 remains soft and, as a result, the overall Apple shipments in the premium segment declined 31% YoY. The decline is also partly due to last year’s strong quarter, when sales of the iPhones spiked owing to demonetization and the high volume of cash transactions,” Pathak reports. “Samsung was behind OnePlus, capturing the third spot, as promotions for its Galaxy S8 and Note 8 remained strong. But it had tough competition from the iPhone 7 and the iPhone X.”

Pathak reports, “In terms of best selling models, iPhone X was the leading model in the premium segment, capturing one fifth of shipments, followed by the OnePlus 5T and Samsung Note 8.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple takes the grain and leaves the also-rans with the chaff.

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