Digital Photography Review: Apple’s iPhone X is among the very best smartphone cameras on the market

“The iPhone X is the newest flagship phone from Apple. It comes with twin optically stabilized 12MP rear cameras, a 7MP front-facing camera with ‘TrueDepth’ technology, artificial background blur and specialized lighting effects, DNG Raw file capture, and of course is otherwise a highly capable and extremely speedy mobile device,” Carey Rose writes for Digital Photography Review. “As with just about every modern high-end smartphone, the results of the picture-taking process on the iPhone are as much about clever software tricks as they are about the hardware. With the software and hardware combined, does the iPhone X truly offer image quality comparable to so-called ‘real cameras?’ Is artificial background blur driving the final nails into the interchangeable-lens camera coffin?”

“The iPhone X is Apple’s most capable – and most expensive – iPhone yet,” Rose writes. “Good thing, then, that it’s absolutely packed with the latest in smartphone imaging technology, and is capable of extremely impressive results.”

“The iPhone X is easily one of the most advanced phones on the market, and one of the most capable photographically. Its combination of really impressive specification with simplicity of operation is an Apple hallmark,” Rose writes. “In the end, there’s really no doubt that the iPhone X is among the very best smartphone cameras on the market, worthy of consideration despite the high price of entry.”

Tons more, including many sample images, in the full review – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Do you use Apple’s built-in Camera app or a third-party camera app?

If so, which camera app(s) do you use?

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  1. Among the best Smartphone cameras.
    MDN, my photo apps are called cameras.
    I have lenses that cost more than an iPhone X and will outlast it by decades. They will also hold resale better.

    I use the camera on my iPhone for convenient snap shots like when I go shopping, but not for serious photography.

    1. I am also a DSLR owner with a set of prime lenses. However, as they say, “the best camera is the one you have with you.”

      I’ve gotten quite a few very good portraits from my iPhone 7+ and now iPhone X in situations where it just wouldn’t have been practical to lug a DSLR around.

      1. I use my phone for stuff- I was shopping at Ikea this afternoon and grabbing a picture of something you might want – but later after a little research- is a great use of it. But it is simply another fixed lens snapshot camera.

  2. The “phone” does many things. First of all, iOS is a must, Android is no option for me. Bad choice for many reasons. The camera on the X just may be the single most deciding factor as to why it is currently worth spending more to get than an 8 or 8 Plus. Next year we’ll have new choices- once again, only interested in iOS. I also like how people talk about Microsoft as an alternative option to Macs without taking into account the crapwhere that is Windows and how Surfaces basically self-destruct even if you can tolerate their inelegance and lack of cost-effectiveness. Apple had antennagate eons ago, now there’s a controversial blown out of proportion notch. Samsung exploded in your face, but wasn’t as nearly covered by the media. OK- Next comparison?….

  3. ProCam***
    Snapseed*** for processing – tho I refuse to upgrade to the latest which ditched the dark background theme, a comically nonsensical decision given the brilliant level of control in the app.
    SunriseSunset*** invaluable to get you exactly where you need to be, when you need to be, and where you want the sun to be.
    *** If I only had three choices

  4. I use 645 Pro Mk III. It gives incredibly precise control over every available camera setting. If you’re into using filters then available options are geared towards terms and products from the film world. Name links to 645 Pro on the App Store

  5. So you’re asking yourself, “What’s the difference between serious photography and just photography?”
    Well, many never go into serious photography because of the pain involved. You’ve got to have that stick SOOOO far up your butt, that most people never venture into serious photography.

    Fortunately, one doesn’t have to be a serious photographer to make have fun OR make money. In the end, it all comes down to your ability to find and capture images with whatever camera you have with you. If your photos are good, you can make money. Even if you don’t sell them, you can still have fun. No stick required.

    1. It’s part of the mystique. Do you think people would continue to pay wedding photographers the fees they ask if they started using only iPhones to do their work? 😛

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