“Animojis have swept the internet nation and gave birth to the Animoji Karaoke!” By Aaron Ho writes for MobileReviews-Eh. “But is the iPhone X camera really that much better than the iPhone 8’s? Or is the iPhone X camera just a one trick animoji pony/unicorn and only have the Animoji to offer.”

Difference Between iPhone X’s f2.4 and iPhone 8 Plus’ f2.8

“From our basic understanding of photography, the lower the f-stop, the more light that getʼs let in. To test this we took a bunch of low-light photos,” Ho writes. “We were able to see a bit of difference.”

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on the iPhone X Telephoto Lens

“To see the OIS on the new iPhone Xʼs telephoto, we mounted an 8 Plus and X on different car mounts and went for a drive during a snowstorm,” Ho writes. “There is a noticeable difference between the two cameras. The iPhone X footage is definitely smoother.”

The iPhone X’s Upgraded Front-Facing Camera. Worth It?

“Trying to take a selfie using an iPhone 8 Plus in portrait mode is near impossible as our arms arenʼt long enough,” Ho writes. “We donʼt have that issue with the iPhone X as Portrait mode allows [us] to use the front facing camera. The process of using Portrait lighting is the same as before as you can select your lighting before your photo OR you can edit it after youʼve taken the photo.”

Is the Picture Quality of the Front-Facing Camera Better on the iPhone X?

“The front facing camera on the iPhone X takes better pictures than the iPhone 8 Plus,” Ho writes.

Animojis – Fun or Nah?

Ho writes, “It is worth paying an extra $300 dollars for the iPhone X over the iPhone 8 so that we can animate my facial movements onto a turd.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone X camera systems do more and do it better than iPhone 8 Plus.