Apple hires tech team from data science startup SVDS in enterprise play

“Apple has made a quiet but interesting move in its longer-term strategy around courting more business from enterprises,” Ingrid Lunden reports for TechCrunch. “The company has hired the tech team — at least 18 people, including at least two co-founders, one of whom is the CEO — from Silicon Valley Data Science (SVDS), a startup based out of Mountain View that provides business transformation consulting to enterprises and other organizations using data science- and engineering-based solutions.”

“SVDS the startup is not part of the deal: we had tip that Apple acquired the company but Apple responded to our queries to confirm it had not acquired the company, without elaborating further,” Lunden reports. “It’s not clear what is going on with SVDS itself. Its website is still up, but the SVDS social accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter have not been updated since November… The 18 or so people who have updated their LinkedIn profiles to now working for Apple appear to have made up between one-half and one-third of the company.”

Lunden reports, “In a way, SVDS is not your traditional Silicon Valley tech startup: it is focused more on consultancy around existing technology than building the tech itself, although those who have worked on enterprise IT implementations and problems know that often some of the more interesting solutions are created to fill a need, and sometimes the basis for products in their own right.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s so nice to see Apple really getting after it in the enterprise space which, for far too long, has been shackled to productivity- and soul-sapping dreck from the likes of Microsoft and Dell and protected by a wall of clueless IT doofuses.

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