Apple announces plans for a new major campus

“Less than a year after settling into their massive new Foster + Partners–designed ‘spaceship’ campus in Cupertino, it sounds like Apple has its sights set on another significant real estate project,” Tim Nelson writes for Architectural Digest.

“There’s an obvious parallel between Apple’s announcement and Amazon’s drawn-out bidding process for its $5 billion, 50,000 employee “HQ2”, whose list of 20 finalist cities was coincidentally announced this week,” Nelson writes. “However, there’s no indication as of yet that Apple would solicit bids from municipalities, as Axios reports that Apple won’t be “putting out a big request for proposals.””

“Should they choose to go the public bid route, interest would likely be massive. Amazon received a reported 238 bids from cities across North America,” Nelson writes. “There’s little doubt that whichever municipality is chosen will offer significant tax breaks in an effort to boost area employment… Wherever Apple decides to build next, hopefully its employees will actually like the office space this time around.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, this campus won’t be a multi-year colossal distraction like the last one.

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  1. I agree the Ring is a beautiful testament to Apple (or a token to Tolkien by the tokin’….) and hopefully the new one will be nice but I imagine most of the candidate cities have plenty of available office space to get started.

    And if we’re voting I’ll cast my first choice as Plano, TX and second as Austin, TX (you know, down the road from Amazon’s new digs…)

  2. Apple needs a second campus, when a sizable earthquake finally decides to inevitably hit California, perhaps in the Bay area, I don’t care how good its built, it will be a mess for months or who knows how long.

  3. The more time they spend on it, the more money for the local economy wherever they build it. So, take years, Apple.

    And be as meticulous as your gobs of money demand!

  4. The actual plan is a bit different than most expect.

    Apple had this as the plan all along, they will purchase a piece of land the same size as then in Cupertino, then stun the world as the space ship takes off and lands in the new location and construction will begin anew in Cupertino.

    The next 1 after that will be in cooperation with SpaceX as it will be flown to Mars.

  5. Jony, are you still going to pursue your eternal goal of aesthetic than practicality?
    At least you have been consistent though.
    Why don’t you build something in the huge wasteland surrounded by most impractical spaceship ring to make it look even more spectacular? Oh, and complete with spectacularly expensive and impractical chairs for everyone of you.
    Just don’t forget that Apple’s pleasure of spectacularly wasteful and leisurely spending of money came from milking of our wallet.

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