How Tim Cook’s ‘Trump strategy’ made Apple a killer stock

“In case you haven’t noticed, Apple’s stock is up a mind-blowing 50% over the past 12 months,” Andy Serwer writes for Yahoo Finance. “That’s a gain of some $300 billion in market value for shareholders, an incredible run for a company so large (never mind 2X the overall market’s gain.). Apple’s market capitalization is now $911 billion, the biggest of any publicly-traded company and, of course, the biggest ever.”

“I don’t know if Apple will become the first company worth $1 trillion, but I do know that the performance of the stock has everything to do with not only the company’s products, but also with Apple CEO Tim Cook’s management of what has become an increasingly key element of succeeding as a CEO in America,” Serwer writes. “That being a Trump strategy.”

“He has figured out what the President Trump, and to my mind by extension, the markets want to hear,” Serwer writes. “Cook, like other CEOs, has changed the way he does business — yes, to a degree — because of Trump.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Successful CEOS have changed the way they do business.

• Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it. — Dwight D. Eisenhower

If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade. — Tom Peters

People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives. — Theodore Roosevelt

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. — John F. Kennedy

• Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. — Peter Drucker

• You have to think anyway, so why not think big? — Donald Trump

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  1. Last paragraph of the original article:

    “And look, I’m not saying Apple wouldn’t have done this if Hillary Clinton had been elected (although maybe not quite so loudly), and for sure Apple wouldn’t make these moves if it didn’t make sense. I’m just saying that Cook, like other CEOs, has changed the way he does business—yes, to a degree—because of Trump.”

    1. Rest assured, Apple wouldn’t have done anything like this if Crooked Hillary were elected since there is no way she’d sign the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the biggest U.S. tax reform in over 3 decades. No way in hell, which is where we’d be if Cankles Merkel were in the Oval Office today (trying to forget about what her husband did in an unconscionable abuse of power to at least one young intern).

      1. Why don’t you spell out the rest of the Clinton tax plan since you read it so carefully?

        Clinton proposed _no_ tax increases on anyone earning less than $730,000 per year.

        Clinton proposed implementing the “Buffett Rule”, which would have upped marginal tax rate by 4% on income over $5 million; marginal rate would be still well below the tax rates of the 1960s.

        Clinton proposed cutting corporate income tax loopholes and subsidies.

        Clinton, bottom line, would have taken a little more of Cook’s $12.8 million annual compensation not including the hundreds of thousands of RSUs he took (a 47% increase from 2016, as if the working class could EVER work so hard to be rewarded with such a massive pay raise) in order to pay down DECADES of accumulated debt from both corrupt parties.

        Let us all know when Trump balances the budget, or when the promised economic growth actually generates more income for the federal government than last year, or when the debt clock -starts- to slow its rate of increase. I am sure that Trump’s great reputation for fiscal responsibility will pay great dividends so MDN, we can’t wait for your daily 5 Trump articles to blast the news. Until then, can you at least try to report news without the incessant transfer of credit to Trump?

        1. You seriously BELIEVE the Clintons? Wow. The grand pathological lying political couple of all time. Guess you forgot President Bill Clinton reversing course when elected admitting something like I guess I raised your taxes too much. Yup, it’s time to “get real” alright.

          BTW snowflake, if you can’t handle Trump good news here I suggest you switchover to CNN, Colbert, The View and a host of others denigrating our hard working president 24/7 …

        2. Doesn’t matter if you believe the executive or not. Budget bills start in the House. Which has been led by rethuglicans for almost a decade.

          While you do nothing but carry water for one party, you and the equally stupid hacks on the extreme left are wasting precious time and oxygen scoring political mud slinging points while the nation continues to age ungracefully. Thanks to partisan gridlock: Still no spending reductions. Still no simplified personally income tax. Still no reduction in payroll taxes. Still no substantial infrastructure improvements. Still no plan to reduce the deficit.

          The dumbocrats may be hapless, but the rethuglicans are criminally negligent.

        3. “Doesn’t matter if you believe the executive or not.”

          Are you serious? What a wonderful Clinton apologist and enabler you are.

          “While you do nothing but carry water for one party”

          That’s easy. Only one party today is working for ALL Americans. Unlike, what did you call them, the “dumbocrats?” They only care about illegals voting, identity politics and growing partisan power. They never fix anything and only defy common sense while making a mess. So, it is REAL EASY to ignore them.

          Regarding your legislative wish list — it took eight years to screw up America and although President Trump is only in office a year, so many superlatives for a job well done ALREADY and just getting started.

          Stay Trump Tuned …

      2. While I agree that it’s unlikely that Hillary would have lowered rates, she did imply a tax holiday for deferred foreign income, as she wanted repatriated tax revs to be used for infrastructure.

        1. Tax policy in the US is determined by statute. The Constitution requires revenue bills to start in the House, receive a majority there and then a majority in the Senate, before the President has a formal say-so. For the last seven years, both the House and Senate have had Republican majorities. The Speaker of the House has been noted throughout his career for technical expertise in matters relating to tax policy.

          For all those years, there has been nothing to stop the congressional majority from introducing a tax bill like the one just adopted and passing it by concurrent majorities. If they had done so and a Democratic Party president vetoed it, you could blame that party for the failure of the bill. That never happened.

          In fact, the majority of Republicans in Congress wasted their majority by doing pretty much nothing except vote against Obama initiatives. Since they gained the White House, they have continued to propose and adopt almost nothing in terms of substantive legislation except the recent tax bill. They have made a lot of rhetorical promises, but have delivered on none of them.

          Some sort of repatriation tax deal would have happened no matter who was elected President because both major party candidates supported it and so did the Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress. The broader tax cuts probably would have been vetoed, but they weren’t as critical for business as allowing the free movement of capital across international borders.

  2. Whether it is Cook is copying Trump or not is not the point! The point is engaging shareholders and the public and painting a positive image of Apple is great! It will help the stock! Innovate, execute, and communicate!!!!

    1. Cook copying Trump? That makes no sense in any version of this conversation. Cook begged and begged for a tax holiday to bring those funds home during the Obama Administration. His begging fell on deaf ears. Within one year Trump provides the tax cuts he needs and people just don’t want to give Trump credit, even when Cook says he couldn’t do what he wanted without Trump’s tax cuts. Just face it. Liberals only know how to confiscate and waste wealth. Building of wealth and creating jobs comes from a conservative methodology.

      Here, let Kennedy explain it for you again. HIs position is almost verbatim the same as the Trump administration.

      1. As always, you cherry pick the data to suit your partisan agenda. The video above is the sales pitch. Did you read the rest of the story?

        First, you neglect to point out that Kennedy’s first economic bills included a raise to the minimum wage, a reduction in trade tariffs, and deficit spending for expansion of infrastructure.

        Kennedy’s 1963 tax proposal set the top marginal income tax rate at 70%. That’s over 30% higher than today. Highly progressive taxes back then only hit a few hundred top income earners gave them real incentive to invest in their workers and factories instead of pocketing their business profits. That is, wise taxation made “Trickle down” real instead of just a vague voluntary concept that doesn’t work today as advertised.

        Kennedy’s proposal for Corporate tax rate was a reduction from 52% to 50%. Today the corporate tax rate was slashed from a loophole ridden 30something to a still loophole ridden 21% with no requirement for employment increases or domestic investment.

        Kennedy’s tax proposal was deliberated extensively, not rammed through in the dark of night. BUT Kennedy didn’t live long enough to pass it into law. His tax plan was revised and enacted by Johnson in 1964 over 3 months after botjerk’s hero was assassinated. In order to get it through the senate finance committee chaired by senator Byrd, Johnson had to make adjustments the Kennedy team didn’t propose: spending reductions.

        Economists today point to the strong population boom (birth and immigration both) as reasons the economy continued its growth through the 1960’s DESPITE THE FACT THAT TAX RATES WERE SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER THAN AT ANY TIME SINCE. You read that right. Obama didn’t raise taxes. The taxes from 1964 to today were already lower than the miracle tax reductions that the right wing has reinterpreted as the magic elixir to all economic questions.

        By the way, under Eisenhower, military budgets were cut 27% and budget aimed at paying off war debts. In the 1959 gdp growth rate was 7.2% which turned into a recession for the first two years of the Kennedy presidency. Neither Kennedy or Johnson delivered such gdp growth DESPITE THE LOWER TAX RATES COMPARED TO EISENHOWER. Such growth was unsustainable then and it remains unsustainable today especially without similar population growth.

        Now you have the rest of the story.

  3. Mind-blowing? If Apple’s stock is mind-blowing then what would they call Boeing’s stock gains? Only up 113% over a 52-week period with a dividend yield of 2.00. I’ll admit that Boeing does have slightly better metrics than Apple, but still… there’s an awful lot of debt Boeing is carrying. Boeing stock would have to be considered mountain-blowing.

    It’s funny, though, how Apple could possibly be repatriating more than $200B in cash in one shot which will likely be higher than Boeing’s entire market cap. Honestly, company value is a very hard thing for me to measure. Is Apple being undervalued or is Boeing being overvalued? Maybe neither. Investors have decided on each company’s value and that just how it is. I have to admit that the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is quite a terrific airplane by any standard, although the Airbus A380 is no slouch.

    1. It’s unintuitive, but excessive cash hampers the growth of a company’s stock price.

      Stocks are bought with an eye towards future earnings. Cash represents what happened in the past. It doesn’t do new buyers a lot of good, and yet it’s a portion of each share a company’s value. That means that in order to buy a share of stock you have to “cover” the cash value in order to get the earning potential of the enterprise.
      The means part of your money is not really working for you – it’s effectively still in cash. Boeing has limited cash, only 5% of its value, so buying a share of stock goes 95% towards the enterprise action.

      Note that we’re only talking about stock price here, not the health of the company.

  4. Tim Cook can temporarily and artificially boost Apple stock, but he has difficulty delivering hardwares and reliable softwares to market. It’s all a facade.

    1. Clearly a facade! His deliveries of hardwares and reliable softwares to market have been very difficult. What is even more difficult is to explain why he has been so successful and prosperous, despite his obvious ineptitude and unsuitability for the job. Is it that he is leading a charmed life, being rewarded beyond his abilities by the fates? The money is oozing, gushing between the cushions, overwhelming the accountants. It can’t be because of Tim Cook’s idiotic decisions. Is it because this is the year of the dog, and his Chinese suppliers feel empowered in some mystical sense westerners can’t comprehend? It is a mystery worthy of Charlie Chan, how a dope like Cook could guide Apple to such market dominance. The facade must be concealing someone of more importance to their unquestioned success. Ah, here it is in my fortune cookie! — “Look to a man unlike yourself to understand why your wallet is suddenly empty.”

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