Spotify files for its IPO

“Music streaming giant Spotify confidentially filed IPO documents with the SEC at the end of December, Axios has learned from multiple sources,” Dan Primack reports for Axios.

“Spotify is pursuing a direct listing instead of a traditional float, causing both Silicon Valley and Wall Street to pay very close attention,” Primack reports. “If successful, it could change how some tech companies go public.”

“All indications are that Spotify wants to list in Q1, and timing of the confidential F-1 filing would support such a calendar,” Primack reports. “But yesterday came news that the company has been sued for $1.6 billion for copyright infringement.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Spotify is a poor man’s Apple Music. The demographics in this race, as ever, greatly favor Apple in the long run.

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  1. I don’t see how Spotify will survive. They will be digital roadkill in 5 years trying to compete against Google, Amazon, and Apple.

    What i really don’t understand though, is why the content holders don’t create their own streaming/online store. Especially an online store, now that DRM is dead. Sell your music online in your own store and keep ALL the money. Stream your music online or with a custom app and keep ALL the profit. Why are they letting upstarts like Spotify and behemoths like Apple make a profit with no option to buy directly from themselves?

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