Amazon, other streaming companies expected to bid on Thursday Night Football broadcast rights

“The NFL has asked media companies to bid on additional seasons of Thursday Night Football, and the league is indicating that if TV networks aren’t interested the package could go to a streaming company like Amazon,” Jon Lafayette reports for Multichannel News. “Sources confirm that the league sent out requests for proposals on Wednesday (Dec. 20), with responses due in January.”

“NBC and CBS split the broadcast portion of the NFL package, with games also airing on the league-owned NFL network. They pay the league a combined $450 million. This season, the games were also streamed by Amazon,” Lafayette reports. “In the RFP the league says it is open to making changes in the package, according to Sports Business Daily.”

“But the RFP also says the league would consider having a digital company such as Amazon taking the entire package. It would be the first time a streaming company took over what had been a broadcast package for a major sport,” Lafayette reports. “If a streamer got the game, it would likely still sell games to local broadcast stations to make sure home team fans got free over-the-air access to games.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Granted, Thursday Night Football has issues from players not wanting to hit the field again so soon after Sunday to poor ratings for bas matchups to over saturation for NFL games, but it still has great value in the right hands. If a streamier were to win the rights, we’d guess it’d be Amazon since they’ve already proven they’re willing to pony up for big league rights.

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  1. This is crazy for everybody, why can’t they broadcast on regular tv. These companies are getting
    more greedy and at the same time the cable companies. What about the network, I can see them
    Cable companies slowing it down because of competition because one company loses it might affect the winner and sports itself. How many football shows do we need? Are they competing themselves and players especially seasons and how many games they play. Also, what about college basketball, pro basketball, soccer and other winter sports even Olympics ar affected.

  2. Does anyone know if the games that were on Amazon were free fro Prime or was it premium content? Now that I have Prime on Apple TV it would be nice to know as I have to decide if I will renew in February.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. The NFL needs to look at the problems players encounter on the Thursday Night Games

    They should probably hVe terms go through bye week before the game tp rest up and then consider the Thursday game as the next Sunday slot.

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