Minutes after online iPhone X preorders began in over 50 countries, delivery estimates slipped into late December

“Apple Inc. opened advanced sales for the iPhone X and early orders pushed estimated shipment dates into December, at least twice the waits for new models a year ago and an early indication that demand is outpacing supply for a product Apple has had difficulties manufacturing,” Tripp Mickle reports for The Wall Street Journal. “After online preorders began in 50-plus countries at 3 a.m. ET on Friday, delivery estimates in the U.S., China, and Japan quickly rose to five-to-six weeks. The iPhone X officially goes on sale on Nov. 3, when some phones will be available in retail stores.”

“By comparison, a full two days after the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus went on sale last year in the U.S., deliveries were projected to be made in only one-to-three weeks, according to Loup Ventures, a venture-capital firm specializing in tech research,” Mickle reports. “In 2014, the iPhone 6 was expected in a week or less while the iPhone 6 Plus was expected in three-to-four weeks.”

“The iPhone X offers an edge-to-edge display and facial-recognition system that led Apple to call it the smartphone of the future,” Mickle reports. ““The biggest risk for Apple is the supply chain,” said Raj Aggarwal, co-founder of Localytics, a mobile engagement firm. ‘Are they going to be able to fill preorders for the iPhone X? If they can, they’re in good shape. If they can’t, they’re going to miss some numbers this year.’ …Analysts expect Apple to provide more clarity on both supply and demand for the iPhone X when it announces earnings Nov. 2.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone X is obviously the story of the day.

Godspeed to all those looking to line up and get an iPhone X at an Apple Store, third-party retailer, or carrier on November 3rd! Arrive early!

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  1. Must be my lucky day then, I pre order through sprint at 5:30AM PST, 2 iPhone X 64 GB (SG and silver) and they are prepping, and I will receive on Nov. 3rd. Maybe the carriers have special stock, IDK. Crazy, but I’m not complaining.

    1. For what it’s worth, Gene Munster’s charts suggest Sprint was the last carrier through the Apple Store that had launch day stock, so maybe don’t buy that Powerball ticket yet.

      You still might want to buy a scratch-off, though.

    2. Too bad iPhX supply couldn’t have matched demand, but maybe manufacturing will have a major uptick in light of a Gallup poll noting the greatest (likely) uptick in Christmas spending in a decade! I’ve always thought Apple’s current line-up of iPh X/8, AirPods, Home Pod, AppleWatch is a perfect storm for Christmas sales. Combined with the poll, if on target, there’s going to be a deluge, storm surge and profound “damage” before the yr’s end.


    3. I watched all the carriers run out of Nov 3 stock within minutes except for Sprint, which twitter indicated was having server problems that they seemed to resolve about 20 minutes later, which fits with your experience.

  2. Supply had to be low. I got on at 12:01PST (2:01 CST) and couldn’t get through on the App, had to go to the web. Got my order done by 2:10 (10 minutes later) and already had a 17 Nov ship date for Silver 256G on AT&T. Thought I was being “clever” using the app and going for silver and not black. No way “millions” sold out that fast. Must have only been “thousands” available.

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