Apple says iPhone X pre-orders are ‘off the charts’

“Apple Inc quashed any concern of muted demand for its iPhone X on Friday, saying pre-orders for the 10th anniversary phone were ‘off the charts,'” Reuters reports.

“Pre-orders for the much-anticipated 10th anniversary phone started from 12.01 am PT (0701 GMT) on Friday,” Reuters reports. “‘We can see from the initial response, customer demand is off the charts,’ an Apple spokeswoman told Reuters. ‘We’re working hard to get this revolutionary new product into the hands of every customer who wants one, as quickly as possible.'”

“The company’s website showed delivery times pushed out to five to six weeks for the phone, compared to an initial plan of November 3,” Reuters reports. “Shares of Apple were up [$5.28, or +3.35%, to $162.69 in early afternoon] trading in New York.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

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  1. Of course sales are off the charts — 10th Anniversary iPhone with edge to edge screen and cutting edge tech.

    What’s not off the charts is a healthy inventory of a new product at launch. Same old story … 🙁

  2. How else can Apple say?
    Whether the pre-order was good or bad, they would still say the same thing to prop up (or hype?) the expectation. They must, particularly under the current confusion of all sorts of rumours flying around.
    This is not the sarcasm. I am very interested in the X (I purchased the 8 for now on the first day). But I know there are people who ordered the X anyway, even with their own skepticism on certain features, examine it in their own hands, then decide to keep or return it. If the return rate is low, and the device is really as good as Apple hypes (I care less about OLED or screen quality. It’s very good already for a small device like a phone). Being such a hopeless gadget freak that I am, I was always getting the new iPhone on the first day. But since 6s, I learned to be patient (and still got 7 and 8 even though I did not consider them much of improvement worth the money, LOL). I do not feel anxious to get the X. Keep watching though.

    1. “Whether the pre-order was good or bad, they would still say the same thing to prop up (or hype?) the expectation.”

      Except Apple is a public company and there are rules about misleading shareholders and investors. If Apple is outright lying about bad results being great, they’re going to get in a heap of trouble.

  3. SIDAGTMBTTS (hello, Mikey?)

    Waiting for Ming-Chi Kuo, Nikkei, Reuters, et al to spin this. “See, we told you Apple is having production problems (don’t try to do the math yourselves… we’re EXPERTS)” …

    BTW if you owned at least 215 shares of APPL as of market close yesterday, your iPhone X is free.

    1. Did anyone catch the name of the guest on Varney & Co. this morning who was getting jabbed by Stuart and the others on the panel for recommending J.C. Penny as a buy somewhere around $6 (it is down 14% today to $3.14), and then he went on a rant about how Apple is doomed because it doesn’t know how to innovate?

      I want to follow him so I can buy anything he slams and short anything he recommends.

  4. Once again the ANALists are wrong…….Next week TC earning CC will be in focus with iPhone 8 and X sales coming into some sort of focus. Given the lag times for the X I think a large number of sales will roll into the January quarter. Frankly my biggest worry is some sort of “yet unknown” problem with the facial recog program. Other than that sales, services revenues, and general Apple World synergies are still good and this stock is a keeper…!!
    Remember we have not gotten to cash repatriation to CONUS either…..GLTA!

  5. Finally got my pre-order in (256GB Space Gray iPhone X), after a few hours of figuring out and resetting my ATT passcode (as opposed to password). Delivery Dec. 11-18, which is fine by my since I’m outside the U.S. until then. Beats buying it here in Poland where the 64GB X including VAT costs about $1400!

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