Apple iPhone X offers top $60,000 on eBay

“If your hopes of getting an iPhone X were dashed by Apple’s online store Friday morning, some enterprising eBay users might have an alternative — if you don’t mind paying up,” Don Reisinger reports for Fortune.

“Immediately after Apple and carriers started selling pre-orders on Friday, some who were lucky enough to get launch-date delivery offered to sell those products to the highest bidder on eBay,” Reisinger reports. “As of this writing, a Space Grey iPhone X pre-order through T-Mobile is on sale for $60,000. Those looking for an unlocked Space Grey iPhone X could get it on launch day by paying the person who pre-ordered it $20,000. A slew of other listings for a variety of amounts, including many at around $5,000, are also available.”

Reisinger reports, “All of the listings on eBay now promise that once Apple ships the iPhone X to them, they’ll turn around and send it to the person who bought the device on eBay.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ah, the law of supply and demand!

So, not only do we have an actual genuine extra iPhone X (256GB Space Gray, Unlocked with Verizon SIM) Day One November 3 preorder on the way, but, hey, after reading this report, we’re taking bids on it! Simply contact and the fully loaded, shrink-wrapped Apple iPhone X flagship will be Fedex’ed to the highest bidder as soon as it’s delivered to us on November 3rd.

Not only that, but we also have multiple loaded iPhone 7 Plus (256GB, Jet Black, Unlocked with no SIM, with original box) units that have been used by MacDailyNews staff for the past year that we were planning to sell on eBay as usual. All are in very good condition. If you want one or more of those, they can be yours for $550 each. Again, just email


      1. A SIM-free iPhone means that there’s no contract commitment or carrier financing. The SIM-free iPhone X will work with any carrier (see below). The SIM-free iPhone has the ability to roam internationally on GSM networks.

        The AT&T and T-Mobile iPhone X variants will be GSM only and won’t work with Verizon and Sprint. The Verizon and Sprint iPhone X models will have the most carrier flexibility.

      1. iPhone X units that are not purchased outright, but on monthly plans are locked to the specific carriers.

        The iPhone X unit that MDN has up for bid is the ULTIMATE iPhone X. Unlocked, 256GB, Space Black, and able to be used globally.

    1. Hey MDN… as a way to give back to your readers… why not get a list of all your top registered active commenters over a certain number of posts made over the last few years (wouldn’t include me) as I never bothered registering and gift it, rather than auctioning it off.

      The publicity and good will you’d get from this would far exceed the value of bids you’ll get and you’d be rewarding long-standing daily readers and commenters who have supported you all these years.

    1. Why should MDN open up bids to the whole world on eBay when they can keep it “in house” among MDN readers?

      Thanks, MDN for offering the iPhones for bidding here rather than on eBay where we’d have to bid for it against the world!

  1. Some 20.000$ plus for 20 days later delivery??????

    I’d rather go and have 20 nice dinners for that with the best wine available.

    Mine is coming between 21 and 28 November.

  2. I started to write, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

    But then I realized this article is more about “A Fool will read more into headlines and news stories than actually there.”

    Of course you can list an iPhone X for any amount you want… why stop at $60,000. Maybe I should list mine for $120,000 just so I can be at the top of the list. People listing for this amount are doing it only for the free advertising (if they have an online eBay store) or just to get kicks from seeing people write articles like this.

  3. FWIW, I purchased an unlocked iphone 7 from the Apple store. IIRC, it was about 6 weeks after the first sales started than the unlocke, no ties to any carrier iPhone was available for sale. . Before that, you had to buy it setup for a cell phone carrier. I have used it with several different companies, domestic and abroad and it works.

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