Apple explored buying a health care clinic as part of a bigger push into health care

“Apple has considered an expansion into health care clinics, and had talks to buy a start-up called Crossover Health, which works with big employers to build and run on-site medical clinics, according to three sources familiar,” Christina Farr reports for CNBC. “Crossover Health is one of a small number of companies that specialize in working with self-insured employers to provide medical and wellness services on or near to campus. Among its clients are Apple and Facebook. Crossover also has clinics in New York and the Bay Area, and touts its digital features like same-day appointments via a mobile app.”

“The Apple-Crossover talks went on for months but didn’t materialize into a deal, one of the sources said,” Farr reports. “Apple also approached nationwide primary care group One Medical, said two other sources.”

“The discussions about expanding into primary care have been happening inside Apple’s health team for more than a year, one of the people said. It is not yet clear whether Apple would build out its own network of primary care clinics, in a similar manner to its highly successful retail stores, or simply partner with existing players,” Farr reports. “Canaan’s Nina Kjellson, a prominent health tech investor who has no knowledge of Apple’s plans, believes the move is plausible. ‘It would help build credibility with Apple Watch and other health apps,’ she explained. ‘Apple has cracked a nut in terms of consumer delight, and in the health care setting a non-trivial proportion of satisfaction comes from the quality of interaction in the waiting room and physical space,’ she continued.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This is a logical move given that Apple Watch was born, in part, from Steve Jobs’ health issues.

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  1. The suckedness of our current healthcare system (by that I mean our healthcare insurance industry) is epic! My favorite part of having something more complicated than a checkup is the resulting bills that show a $10,000 charge for a finger splint (categorized as surgery?!?) which is then discounted by $9,000 because of the insurance provider discount!!!! 👍👍👍

  2. Someone give me a term for when a company leaps out of their field of expertise into a field of no expertise, for whatever reason.

    I applaud Apple for learning about a field in which their devices are becoming relevant and potentially life saving. If that is what this is really about, it’s an excellent extension of R&D. Keep it up!

    But an Apple health clinic? Justify that scenario please. We’re getting into a creepiness zone when health and sales promotion are holding hands.

  3. I don’t care if it’s Apple, I am NOT going to put a tech company in charge of this area of my life. We can do much, much better to be sure, but I do not and will not accept that Silicon Valley has anything beneficial to offer me in this regard. Period.

  4. I hope Apple decides to become an active provider of healthcare, or, as we like to call it, disease mitigation and management. I am certain that once everyone under Apple’s healthcare umbrella purchase an Apple Watch and iPad we will see that all these person’s health and well being soar into the stratosphere.

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