The first high-quality photos of Apple’s iPhone X appear in the wild

“If you’re itching to get your hands on Apple’s upcoming iPhone X, you’ll probably want to be ready to hit the ‘buy’ button at the exact moment the clock turns to 12:01 a.m Pacific Time on October 27, the date and time when iPhone X pre-orders are slated to open up,” Yoni Heisler reports for BGR.

MacDailyNews Take: If only that were all it took!

“Otherwise, you may have to wait a few weeks, if not months, before Apple’s next-gen iPhone arrives on your doorstep,” Heisler reports. “In fact, some analysts believe that Apple won’t be able to fully meet iPhone X demand until the spring of 2018.”

“With the iPhone X pre-order and release date steadily approaching, the iPhone X is finally starting to make a few appearances out in the wild,” Heisler reports. “We highlighted a few of these instances last weekend, and now there are a few more examples to show off for your viewing pleasure.”

“Ryan Jones, who formerly worked at Apple, managed to get some quick hands-on time with the iPhone X over the weekend,” Heisler reports. “Most notably, Jones relays that the somewhat controversial notch is hardly something to get riled up about. On a related note, there are rumblings that the notch is much less of an eyesore when using the device as opposed to staring at it in photos.”

Read more and see all of the photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s hoping Ryan’s raging case of Notch Blindness™ is instantly contagious!

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      1. Been saying for weeks the fuss has been rediculous, at worst its a minor irritation as most things are when they are new and unusual. The white bars on web pages are more of a consideration if anything.

        1. I am going crazy and will say that I like the damn notch.

          The reason is that it reminds of an upside-down dock, and because it allows iPhone X’ screen to go edge-to-edge in all directions. No other phone even promises that unless it is completely devoid of front camera and other sensors.

    1. You know, this mean Samsung is going to alter their phones so that they all have notches at the top 🙂

      For those who said it was a branding thing, I can kind of agree. Seeing one of those from any angle where the screen is visible, you know it’s an iPhone ex. Again, which is why there will be some knock offs on the market soon that capture that look. 🙂

  1. In a genuine Foxworthy voice:

    You might be a redneck if you think a fukt up screen is sexy.

    The notch is a stupid solution to a nonexistent problem. All the notch free mockups look way better than Apple’s latest design mistake. If equal non-screen space top and bottom is of critical importance to Ive’s fashion meme, then put a better quality mic and speaker where the touchid used to be.

  2. I want to hold one in my hand and use it before I can really say it’s a total design failure . . . . But there’s got to be a reason for its existence, there just does. Not having it at all or having a design solution that would darken that part of the display to blend it better while still having the ability to show battery and signal data was simply too possible and too obvious. So . . . I think Apple might have actually decided that the mini-controversy of it being so noticeable would lead to millions of dollars in free advertising of the features that made it “necessary.” If so . . . brilliant. I mean, if you really think about it, anyone who cares about phones at all will know oodles about Face ID and what makes it possible all because we’re debating the aesthetic.

    1. I think it all boils down to Jony needing a design cue that allows one to immediately identify an iPhone X, something that would separate the face of the device from the rest of the bezel-less pack.

  3. Regarding the “notch.”

    Having spent considerable mental energy and soul searching, and realizing that there is another phone with a notch; the “Essential” which actually has a ‘chin’ and a notch.

    So here’s what I think is the rationale for Jony to embracing the iNotch:

    With the advent of Augmented Reality and the ultimate intent of blurring the dividing line between the “Screen” and the real world, Ive decided that good design meant allowing the Real World to actually intrude into the heretofore inviolable perfection of the rectangular screen. Future devices will have screens that routinely serve several purposes at a time.

    When multiple apps share screen space and windows are pushed to the sides of the screen, the result is an irregularly bounded viewing area. The rectangular screen is going away.

    The viewing area preference will be established by apps when going “full screen” may be defined either as “under-lapping behind the notch” or “letter-boxed.”

    Why jump to the conclusion that there are not aesthetic advantages of destroying the ubiquitous straight edged rectangle?

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