iPhone ‘disappointment’ hammers suppliers, fuels Taiwan outflows

“Apple Inc.’s latest products are getting a thumbs down, at least by investors in the company’s Asian suppliers,” Jeanny Yu reports for Bloomberg Technology. “Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., which assembles the iPhone and other Apple devices, has fallen 10 percent in Taipei since Apple unveiled its collection of new gadgets for the holidays this month. Other suppliers across the region, including Taiwan’s Pegatron Corp. and South Korea’s LG Innotek Co. have plunged more than 12 percent.”

“‘Orders of the new IPhone have disappointed the market and foreign investors may continue net selling Taiwan stocks,’ said Alan Tseng, Taipei-based vice president at Capital Investment Management,” Yu reports. “Overseas investors pulled a net $677 million from the island’s stock market last week, the biggest outflows in three months. Earlier optimism that the iPhone would bolster Taiwan earnings had sent the Taiex to a 17-year high as inflows swelled. The Taiex slid 1.1 percent the close, its lowest in a month.”

Yu reports, “Apple iPhone 8 pre-orders are “substantially lower” than iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 levels, Rosenblatt Securities analyst Jun Zhang wrote in a note last week. Initial feedback suggests iPhone 8 volume is below predecessors in the U.S. and even more so in China, according to Zhang.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Inexplicably, nowhere does the report mention the existence of iPhone X. You know, the iPhone for which everyone is waiting. This report acts as as if the “iPhone 8” is all there is and therefore Apple’s iPhones this year are a “disappointment.”

If you get your investment information from Bloomberg Technology, we pity you.

For AAPL shareholders, the theme for this morning is: The fix is in.

This too shall pass.

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    1. If the release of the iPhone 7 and 7+ had been separated by several weeks, all the headlines would have been screaming that the 7 rollout was 40% smaller than expected and the 7+ rollout was 33% smaller still. The time to get worried is if the combined revenue numbers from the release of both iPhone 8 models plus the iPhone X do not represent a substantial jump from the money Apple made during the iPhone 7 release.

  1. But KGI stated there may be 40-50 million preorders of iPhone X. So take that all you manipulative Analist a🙃🙃hats and chew on that.

    >”StreetInsider reports, “In a note to clients this morning KGI’s well-regarded analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said they “expect Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone X preorder demand may have surpassed 40-50 million units.” “<

  2. I dont think that many people are waiting on the X, how many people do you know who have $999 to spend on a new phone. The Iphone X is nearly $1800 over 2 years in applecare, line rental, fast charger and cable. Most people are struggling with inflation going up and the cost of living rising so much, dont forget the FED will raise interest rates in December 2017.

    Here in the UK interest rates are going up too soon, its esrimated that 30% of homeowners are not going to be able to pay there morgates if the rates hit 1-2% higer than they currently are.

    Not to mention that 17 Million people here have less than £100 in savings!!! So can you see a £999
    Handset is out of the reach of most people.

    1. For something that is a major business and recreation tool, that will likely be used for hours every day, I think there are a huge number of people who will regard that price as just fine.


    The way to make money is to buy when there is blood running in the streets – David D Rockefella

    Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful – Warren Buffet

  4. Thats what you get inevitably (at least if you are Apple) when your major new phone is a good month late and out of sink with your lesser new phones. Of course if they had been of a similar level to the previous phones then the reports would be that the X is obviously too expensive and no one is interested. You can’t win.

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