Apple CEO Tim Cook ‘encouraged’ by President Trump’s movement on ‘Dreamers’

“Apple CEO Tim Cook said he is ‘encouraged’ by President Donald Trump’s discussions with Democrats to protect the status of Dreamers, the thousands of young unauthorized immigrants brought to the U.S. as children,” Katie Kindelan reports for ABC News. “‘I think it’s really important for everybody to understand, these folks came to the country when they were very young,’ Cook said on Good Morning America. ‘These kids, if you talk to them, they deeply love this country. They have great jobs. They pay taxes. These guys are our neighbors. They’re our coworkers.'”

Kindelan reports, “Cook spoke out in support of Dreamers, 250 of whom are Apple employees, earlier this month when the Trump administration announced its decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.”

“He said today that Apple will do ‘everything we can’ to encourage Congress to make the bipartisan Dream Act — legislation that would offer a path to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of young unauthorized immigrants brought to the U.S. as children if they graduated from high school or obtained a GED — permanent,” Kindelan reports.

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  1. Obviously, the unconstitutional DACA had to go, but it’s good to finally have a President who will work to do something meaningful to address the children of illegal aliens who are here in the U.S. and to curtail the surge in unaccompanied illegal alien minors from Central America and elsewhere.

    1. President Obama was the one who did something about these children, and it was Constitutional (or can you identify the SCOTUS decision to the contrary). President Obama took action because Congress once again failed to fulfill its duty to their country.

      President Trump has done nothing for the Dreamers, as of yet, except threaten them with expulsion. As usual, he has no plan and there is no legislation. He just tossed the problem to Congress and gave them a deadline – pure political gamesmanship to claim some type of victory because he has failed on pretty much everything else.

      If I am wrong, then please explain what specific action/policy has been taken by Trump, other than what I stated.

      Please be realistic about things, Fwhatever. You really need to get a grip on reality and a balance in your perspective.

      1. Executive orders aren’t unconstitutional, but they are tied to the incumbent, an incoming official is perfectly free to override them if they so choose. Obama shouldn’t have circumvented Congress, regardless of the time involved, that was not a solution in a very literal sense. This isn’t an issue with a simple solution. Neither blanket amnesty nor damnation are going to cut it long term. It’ll take a time and consideration, two things an awful lot of us Americans loathe in the 21st century.

        I appreciate Cook’s feelings as I share them about people in my own life. I am also fully cognizant that it isn’t the full picture. The full picture is unfortunately what we must address.

        1. …except, DACA wasn’t an executive order. The Muslim Usurper signed nothing, it was a memo written by an Obama DHS flunky.

          “DACA was formally initiated by a policy memorandum sent from Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to the heads of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The memo formally directed them to exercise their enforcement discretion on behalf of individuals who met the requirements.”

    2. You mean the surge that started in 1492 or are you just interested in shutting the door after your family enters?

      The irony is that few families in the USA actually have the documents proving that the first generation to enter the USA were “legal”. For the first century or more, record keeping and border enforcement was sporadic at best

      Only the refugee crises of the world wars prompted the USA to be processed with documents to prove one wasn’t a Japanese or German spy. And it was an embarrassment of inhumane paranoia then too.

      Only with recent increases in political gerrymandering and scapegoating has the rabid right found it necessary to ramp up the spreading of paranoid FUD as if all latinos were rapists and murderers. Did your hero Reagan blame them for all things you don’t like? How many corporate CEOs did Reagan or Trump put in jail for employing illegal aliens?

  2. Immigrants are the secret sauce of America and have been for a very long time. This large country has the capacity to allow these people to stay and have a reasonable path to citizenship.

    DACA did not have to go, but was a kludge at best. Trump vilified immigrants and people of Mexican heritage during his campaign and hopefully has seen the error of his ways on this issue.

    The Dreamers are kids who did not break the law and have been raised here- they are essentially as American as any other excepting on paper. Last I checked, the First Peoples did not demand papers and a visa to the Europeans arriving on these shores.

    1. DACA would have been ruled unconstitutional (by any judge who isn’t an insane lib, and that would have been rectified via appeal). A permanent solution is required.

      If the Indians (Native Americans) had a wall and demanded papers and visas from the Europeans, the country would still be theirs.

      1. A permanent solution *is* required. I agree. Perhaps the Republican Congresspeople can quit avoiding/blocking such action and take some responsibility?!

        This is a great opportunity to show everyone that the GOP can handle a large social/political issue. After all, you have the power, for now…

      2. Native comes from french naive. As in stupid. The french explorers gave the native term because they looked down upon them. But people call them natives even now. But illegals from another country are called dreamers. Go figure.

      3. “If the Indians (Native Americans) had a wall and demanded papers and visas from the Europeans, the country would still be theirs.”

        I’ve read a lot of dumb comments on MDN, but yours is the absolute DUMBEST I’ve ever read.

        Chief Powhatan to his advisors, “Let’s build a wall on the entire OCEAN to stop the Europeans and their African slaves from coming into our country to preserve our way of life!”

      4. Re First…
        President Obama is a lawyer and taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago – one of the finest law schools in our country and not known as a bastion of “liberalism”. He also graduated from Harvard Law and was editor of Law Review and that position required nomination from both faculty and peers (students).

        I had a discussion regarding DACA with my brother – who is also a Lawyer trained at the George Mason School of Law- since named for Antonin Scalia, and he is far from a “Liberal” who said the President’s decision was within what the law. He does not agree with the decision, but said it was within the law. This is a well trained lawyer who is politically conservative.

        Where is your law degree?

        1. Regardless of constitutionality, executive order is a weak way to do it, one that is ripe for rescission by future presidents. If you care about “dreamers,” then you want to do this the right way, permanently, as President Trump has asked Congress to do.

          This is another Dem/Lib/Prog narrative on President Trump that is false. The typical and transparent cries of “racist” from the loony left. Fake news. Sad.

          In reality (remember that place, unhinged Dem/Lib/Prog?), President Trump cares about anyone who is contributing to Make America Great Again and he wants to get rid of/bar entry to those who wish the country harm or who want to take advantage of America’s largesse.

          If the Dem/Lib/Prog would simply STFU for a minutes and let the Trump Administration work, America will be made Great Again (so, you can fsck it all up again 12-16 years from now with the next Obama once the country forgets and falls for another soft, neutered, weak, emasculated, feckless “HOPE” peddler).

  3. “Immigrants are the secret sauce of America and have been for a very long time. This large country has the capacity to allow these people to stay and have a reasonable path to citizenship.”

    WRONG. Immigrants “in toto” are not helpful. We do not have the full resources as it now stands. It is a disgrace on the hard working immigrants that came and started working immediately to better themselves and build this nation. The immigrants you mention are not here in toto (in total/all) for the benefit of themselves AND this country. The lives cut short by the absence of control of dangerous immigrants are not worth it.

    Unfortunately, the political parties that want full open immigration are not doing it for humanitarian efforts. They parade it under the flag of humanitarian efforts to look pure and holy in their efforts, but the fact is they are trying and doing – taking advantage of big hearted people. The political parties supporting this are doing it to get votes, pure and simple. Look at the ones who do this: wealthy wealth left wingers who stay in power and jet from coast to coast in private jets while deploring pollution. Supporters are keeping them in power and that is what they want.

    Immigrants have been the backbone of this nation, unless you are Native American. But total open boarders implied under the words “Immigrants are the secret sauce” is mis-representative. And no, you didn’t say “total open boarders,” but yes, that is what this is about – for political gain by a few politicians . . . on the backs of big hearted but naive voters.

    There is a middle road but it is bumpy!

  4. Woohoo! MDN is getting tough on the forum posts. I will believe it when I see it.

    Go ahead and take my screen name away, MDN. no big deal. You let everyone post anonymously anyway, so the possibilities are infinite.

    But nice use of Latin!

  5. Tim has to play the game. But Trump is a delusional, reality-challenged liar. He screws everyone. No one is, or should be, “encouraged” by anything he says or does.. quite frankly, we remain living in a horrific nightmare.

    1. Which brings us to an interesting point. Had the rabid right parrots on this forum actually read the DACA, they would see that it is a very useful program that enhances security, identified nonthreatening undocumented minors, and ensured they follow all laws including paying taxes.

      After waiting for decades for the obstructionist GOP to do anything, this program allowed undocumented immigrants to identify themselves rather than having US taxpayers spend billions to find them in the shadows.

      IMHO it costs everyone more to deport otherwise law abiding and upstanding young immigrants than it does to hand them a Green Card with their college diploma.

      If there are any people who need to be deported, it would be the white collar criminals who are destroying the world via misinformation campaigns, internet crime, identity theft, opiate and other semi-legal drug trafficking, not to mention the disgusting networks of sex slaves and other human trafficking. Spend time tracking the big money criminal networks and leave the good kids alone. It’s the right thing to do.

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