Samsung’s easily-fooled face-recognition gimmick again proves wisdom of Apple’s approach

“While Apple’s detractors often criticise Apple for hyping features already seen in competitor devices, the Cupertino company doesn’t just follow the market,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “In particular, it tends to assess which features do and don’t make sense, and then aim to make the best possible version of the ones that do.”

“The sense of this approach appears to have again been illustrated by not just one but two Samsung devices,” Lovejoy writes. “The face recognition systems employed by companies like Samsung have been laughable. When Samsung announced it in the Galaxy S8 smartphone, for example, it was quickly demonstrated that the device could be fooled by a photo… It now seems that the face-recognition system used in its latest phablet, the Note 8, is no better.”

“Web developer Mel Tajon was able to unlock the device using a selfie taken on his own phone. More worryingly, he was even able to do it using people’s Facebook profile pics,” Lovejoy writes. “There is not the slightest possibility that Apple would ever release a face-recognition system that could be so easily defeated, even if it were only used to unlock the phone. With all the signs pointing to it being used for Apple Pay too, we can be extremely confident that the version used in the iPhone 8 will be extremely secure.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, as we wrote early last month:

Apple’s infrared 3D facial recognition will work – very well – and it’ll be secure – very secure – or Apple wouldn’t do it.

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  1. Touch ID has been a tremendous success. I sincerely hope that Apple’s facial recognition approach will be at least as secure as Touch ID. I place a lot of faith in Apple’s commitment to privacy and security, and I do not want to see any regression in those areas.

    1. My guess is Apple told it’s engineers “Try to hack/bypass this any way you can.” I bet they even made 3D imaged masks of people’s faces to see if that would bypass the technology. This HAS to be as secure or more secure that Touch ID.

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