Tim Bajarin: Rethinking the role of smartphones

“Each fall, some of the major smartphone companies release their latest and greatest phones in time to take advantage of the holiday season where as much as 40-45% of all smartphones are sold each year are during Oct through Dec.,” Tim Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions.

“This is especially the case for smartphone behemoths Apple and Samsung. Samsung tends to try and get their ‘newest’ smartphone to the market slightly ahead of Apple which is why Samsung recently held a major event in NYC to launch their new Samsung Note 8,” Bajarin writes. “Shortly, Apple is expected to introduce their newest iPhone, a 10th-anniversary edition that many have been calling the iPhone 8. We won’t know its official name until Apple announces it sometime in September, but it too is expected to have some major new features and be a huge draw for millions of people around the world who want to own Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone when it to comes to market.”

“Samsung’s new Note 8 will be around $989 while Apple’s iPhone is rumored to be priced somewhere between $999 and $1099 depending on configurations purchased. While people may flinch at these higher price points, I think we need to start looking at these premium smartphones in a different light than the earlier models represented in the early days of the smartphone,” Bajarin writes. “These new premium smartphones are full functioning PCs with almost all the functions and versatility one needs to handle almost anything they want to do with a digital device. While price still matters, when one sees them as a real PC in their pocket, the idea of paying as much as $1000 for these new premium smartphones might make more sense.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup. What’s widely understood today was explained rather clearly on Day One right here:

Apple really only botched one thing with the iPhone – its name.

Apple’s “iPhone” isn’t really a phone at all. It’s really a small touchscreen Mac OS X computer, a Mac nano tablet, if you will. Here’s how misnamed the iPhone is: Some people are complaining that Jobs didn’t spend enough time on the Mac in his keynote! Folks, iPhone is not only a Mac, it’s the most radical new Mac in years! What’s to stop Apple from making a 12-inch model (and larger, and smaller) one of these days (use the headset for the phone, please) and calling it a Mac tablet?

It has an iPod built in, yes, so it can be used solely as a “true video widescreen iPod,” if that’s what you want… But, the main thing about the “iPhone” is that it’s really a pocket Mac. It has email, SMS, full-featured Web browsing, and much more. But, beyond that, it is a platform that’s just sitting there waiting for Apple to sell software for it. Just imagine games with the large multi-touch display and the built-in accelerometer!

Imagine all of the other software possibilities, too…

Maybe Apple named it iPhone because of all of the free publicity and buzz that name has already garnered. Maybe they want this trojan horse to slip into the market first under the guise of being the best smartphone available and they’ll exploit its capabilities as a full-fledged platform later. Perhaps it’s easier to explain and sell as a phone first…

So, yeah, it can be a phone, even the very best smartphone, but it’s so much more and holds so much promise that the name “iPhone” hardly does it justice.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, January 9, 2007

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  1. Aside from Apple’s clever marketing, or its ‘status’ cachet, why not pay $1000 plus for a beautifully manufactured piece of computer hardware that is truly portable? Anybody who had lugged about the first Mac portable computer back in the day, will be astonished to reflect back, and marvel at what has transpired in the thirty years or so hence. And at $50 or so a month on the payment plan, once could upgrade every year if one so desired, and enjoy superb craftsmanship..

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