“Apple’s next flagship phone will likely run you something like $1,200, which seems absurd given that Apple’s best smartphones traditionally start at around $650,” David Pierce writes for Wired. “Part of the appeal of owning an iPhone, in fact, comes from knowing you, Kim Kardashian, and Tim Cook all carry the same device. But at 12 Benjamins, the iPhone becomes a dream for most people.”

“You probably don’t care that a wildly expensive phone pads Apple’s bottom line and reasserts the iPhone’s luxury status. But even if you can’t or won’t spend that much on a smartphone, be happy knowing that some people can and will,” Pierce writes. “That bonkers price tag gives Apple access to technology too rare and too expensive to put into 100 million $650 handsets. And that means Cupertino can innovate again—and once Apple does something, others follow. Before long, all the stuff coming to a phone you can’t afford will come to a phone you can.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Most people do not buy their iPhones outright. So, $1,200 spread out over 24 months is $50/month. So, yeah, a lot of people will be able to afford it.

Apple won’t be able to make enough. Expect protracted shortages for “iPhone 8,” “iPhone Pro,” “iPhone X,” or whatever they call it. This will be Apple’s flagship, premium, cutting-edge iPhone and it should be priced as such (not to mention that the law of supply and demand dictates higher pricing).

Customers who are looking for lower sticker prices can simply opt for iPhone 7s or iPhone 7s Plus or even the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, which are likely to stick around as the entry-level models through late 2018, just as the 6s and 6s Plus are today, or get the iPhone SE, of course.

As we wrote back in February: Our Jet Black 256GB iPhone 7 Plus units with 3 GB RAM each cost $969 plus tax, so $1,000+ for a loaded “iPhone X” with 4+ GB of RAM would certainly not be surprising.

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