RIP Final Cut Pro 7: The video editor won’t run on Apple’s macOS High Sierra

“Apple has revealed that its aging-but-beloved video editing program, Final Cut Pro 7, will not be supported by macOS High Sierra,” Brittany Hillen reports for Digital Photography Review. “If they update Apple’s upcoming operating system, existing Final Cut Pro 7 users who want to continue using Final Cut for video editing will be forced to transition to Final Cut Pro X.”

“According to cinema5D, Apple has started to notify Final Cut users about the change in an email that informs users that they’ll need to upgrade to newer versions like Final Cut Pro X, Compressor 4 and Motion 5 ASAP,” Hillen reports. “Final Cut Pro 7 users who are interested in making the transition to the newer version are being directed to this page.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s well past time to upgrade from FCP 7 to Final Cur Pro X.

Apple’s white paper, “Final Cut Pro X for Final Cut Pro 7 Editors,” is here.

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  1. Oh man I have nothing but contempt now for Final Crap Poor 7. It crashed constantly despite all the machinations and various techniques used to resuscitate it or prevent disaster. I have moved on to Premiere Pro and boy what a difference! Some time I will probably try to learn FCPX since I have it anyway. That’s one thing to truly love about FCPX is the price.

    1. You will also love the interface. I find it so much more efficient than Premiere Pro. Common and tedious stuff that you spend most of your time doing takes fewer clicks and mouse movements, and this saves quite a lot of time.

      What I also liked about it was how intuitive it was to figure out how to do things without looking stuff up online.

      I don’t know how complex your productions are, but FCPX has come a very long way since 2012, and a remarkable thing about it is, whoever bought it back then is still getting every single new version for free! This wasn’t the case with Logic MainStage (which had to be purchased again when it went from v.2 to v.3).

  2. The problem is people who need to work on old projects and revise things from previous years. Apple should’ve included a way to translate Final Cut 7 projects to Final Cut 10 projects. Nothing but cheapness prevented them from doing this. Premiere is actually a better tool to switch to from Final Cut 7 which is a shame

    1. Anyone that find themselves in this position are likely expecting to keep a production system available running the old version. Just in case. And they’ll give me around until they are off their final client that has files in that format.

    2. You apparently haven’t heard of Send to X (an app that converts FCP 7 projects into FCP X).

      It seems to work as expected. I have been using it for over five years now (ever since FCP X came out).

  3. Final Cut Pro X is better than the old version, But if you do not want to change to Final Cut Pro X, you can use other video editors. I suggest Adobe Premiere Pro for professianals and TunesKit AceMovi for newbies.

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