Apple is still selling iPods, but why?

“The iPod has certainly earned its place in history (there are actually already some of these all-white musical boxes sitting in museums), but how much longer will the company that launched them keep them in stores?” Hugh McIntyre writes for Forbes. “The product’s prime has certainly passed, but they are still available, at least in some formats.”

McIntyre writes, “So, with the world quickly moving on, it’s only a matter of time before iPods eventually kick the bucket, and while it will be very sad to finally see Apple give up on one of its coolest offerings, there are plenty of reasons why it won’t actually be missed.”

Apple's iPod nano in ew colors
Apple’s iPod nano
“The tech giant recently discontinued both the Shuffle and the Nano options, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as they were truly a relic of the past,” McIntyre writes. “Those two items didn’t allow users to select the songs they wanted to hear, and they didn’t even have screens (something nobody can go without these days).”

MacDailyNews Take: That is patently, laughably incorrect. iPod nano has a display and both iPod nn and iPod shuffle allow users to select the songs they want to hear.

McIntyre writes, “While Apple stopped updating both the Nano and the Shuffle, newer versions of the iPod Touch are still introduced from time to time, but perhaps not for much longer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Apple is still selling iPods, but why?” They still have stock and will sell them until stock runs out.

iPod lovers, you can still get iPods today, but get ’em while they last!

So, what do yo think about iPod touch? Not long for this world or sticking around? Isn’t it still the perfect “starter iPhone” for kids too young to have an iPhone?

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    1. Mismanagement Timmy wouldn’t have warehouses full of them if he refreshed his iPod and Mac hardware every 2-3 years.

      I have found that Apple’s beancounters are driving to make everyone buy into always-connected thin clients with rental services. I have a lot of music, and I enjoy audiobooks and podcasts during travel when offline. Or I should say i used to before iTunes became an error laden slow mess. If Apple is too lazy to keep iTunes, Macs, and iPods working together seamlessly the way they used to, then some of us will have no choice but to go elsewhere.

  1. My son used an iPod for years. You can’t go anywhere these days and not find a free WiFi hotspot. Get a MagicJack and make as many calls you want without any data contracts. It works great for kids and you don’t need to pay ridiculous mobile fees or worry about overages. Of course now that he is 16 and driving he now has a regular iPhone but I am happy that I saved hundreds of dollars. I was even able to buy him some Apple stock over the years. In my opinion, I have NEVER paid for an Apple product because of the profits that I have made. Just my 2¢ and common sense.

      1. He means get a magic jack for you home line, and use the iPod touch on the wireless connection of that voip phone line. It could have been a little bit better described.

  2. iPod Touch is essentially an iPad with a much smaller form factor. Perhaps re-brand it with a name like iPad Nano or iPad Micro, or something associating it with the iPad.

  3. Why is this question being asked? Is it because this person thinks that no one will actually go out and buy an iPod or is that they believe Apple is just wasting their time trying to sell them? Apple must clearly know the reason why they’re still offering iPods to consumers. Surely, it must be worthwhile to Apple for some reason to continue selling them. I really don’t see how an iPod Touch could be considered an obsolete product. It might be a bit expensive but I think it still can be useful.

    If a person has an iPhone with limited storage capacity, the iPod Touch would seem to be a good backup device for carrying around music or videos. It’s a shame it only comes with 128GB of storage considering the iPod Classic had 160GB of storage. Although the iPod isn’t cutting edge tech, it still seems like a solid product to me. Should Apple really drop every product that doesn’t produce tremendous sales? I’m curious as to how many iPods are being sold each year. A million, maybe?

  4. I use my iPod nearly everyday, sweating in the “south” and I’d rather wreak an $150 device than one costing $700-1000 (ph). I’m speaking of a nano, which is markedly lighter/smaller than a Touch. Yes, the Watch is a replacement, but it binds me to wireless headphones…more expensive and another thing to charge.

  5. People still like dedicated music devices and would buy new iPod models if Apple leaders got off their asses and updated them.

    Current owner of iPod shuffle, nano, and touch. One for workouts, one for travel, one docked in the car. All overdue for replacement without an improved model offered by Apple. Mismanagement on display.

  6. I am not sure about the other models, but for the iPod Touch I know the main reason is usually the difference in affordability compared to an iPhone’s monthly service charges. For example, your 6 year old may want their own iPhone with their own games and apps, but don’t need a cell phone. It’s better to get the child an iPod Touch until they can actually make use of a cellular device.

  7. I wouldn’t mind seeing an iPhone nano option, especially now that you can share a single phone number among multiple devices.

    For certain situations, an iPod nano is the perfect form factor.

  8. Put the Apple Watch modem in the “iPhone nano”.

    I’m not too keen on the idea of talking into my watch but wouldn’t mind a tiny iPhone.

    An iPhone nano could be limited to 16/32gb, inherently limiting its uses.

    The most important factor is size… just so long as it is SMALL.

  9. I am enamoured with my iPod Touch. All I want it to be is an iPod, however. It is hooked up to what amounts to a good quality boom box, and I get good sounding music throughout the front of my house. I have all the options shut off on the iPod. I hope Apple never discontinues it.

  10. My wife just bought her first iPod, the Nano, to store her collection of CDs that she plays in her car. She will be able to use her iPhone for other apps while listening. The Nano is perfect for her purpose and will mate with the car’s audio system including displaying song titles.

  11. I love my iPod. Not a touch or a nano. A proper iPod. 160gb of music in my pocket! Click wheel – still genius! Yeah I have Apple Music and stream regularly but I do love having ‘my ‘ music library in my pocket.

  12. I have nieces, agse 9 and 11, who got new iPod Touches a few weeks ago, replacing older ones they already had. They were extremely excited.

    The Touch definitely has a market for kids. And those kids will get older and want an iPhone after having had a Touch.

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