CNET reviews Apple MacBook Air (2017): An old friend shows its age, but…

“Apple’s MacBook Air is as close to iconic as a piece of consumer technology gets,” Dan Ackerman writes for CNET. “It’s the single laptop model you’re most likely to see everywhere, from college campuses to airports to coffee shops and even offices. And it’s been that way for a very long time.”

“That’s the problem. Not counting an incremental spec bump in mid-2017, this is still internally almost the same MacBook Air as the last refresh in 2015, and externally, it’s had basically the same design since 2010,” Ackerman writes. “In technology terms, that’s roughly forever.”

“But it’s also a testament to what a strong product the Air was in its heyday. To have a laptop that looks and feels the same as it did for so many years while still a maintaining a loyal following, that’s a rare achievement,” Ackerman writes. “The design is definitely showing its age. But the lower prices available from some retailers, plus performance that’s decent enough and battery life that still tops 10 hours, has given the Air another shot — perhaps its last one — at avoiding the old laptop retirement home. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: The 11-inch MacBook Air is among our very most favorite Macs. Even today, it’s such a fun computer to have on the road!


  1. The MacBook Air is possibly the best laptop Apple has ever made, and by extension, anyone has ever made. It’s an almost perfect design, and yes it is a little dated now on the screen front, but otherwise still looks incredibly modern and still fits in with the most recent machines of every other manufacturer (with the exception of the new MacBook Pro’s which I find the best that Apple has ever made). The MacBook Air deserves a nice long ride into the sunset and I’m happy it’s still around.

  2. Just bought one for my girlfriend (on sale right before the last upgrade) and she couldn’t be happier with it.

    Good looking, lightweight, VERY fast and sexy as Hell.

    (The Air I bought her is pretty neat too….)

  3. The only reason anyone would rate the Air as the best laptop is if they can’t afford a MacBook Pro, don’t mind a cheap low rez screen, and have very light demands for speed and storage.

    It’s a very small step up in usability from the MacBook netbook and it’s the cheapest way to legally get a free copy of macOS…that is all.

    A real Mac management team would be able to maintain a full range of Macs —- all offering super value at all prices. But no, Apple sells antiques and wants a premium for the logo.

  4. My 2013 Air is still going strong. If they added a retina screen with a space gray or black option it’d be the perfect laptop for me. Kaby Lake Macbooks might be a possible upgrade option once they hit the refurb store, but losing ports is a bitter tradeoff and current prices aren’t appealing.

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