CNBC: Next-gen LTE Apple Watch to launch in September

“Apple is gearing up to release a new Apple Watch which will not require tethering to an iPhone for key functions like calls, making it a standalone device, a source with knowledge of the matter told CNBC,” Arjun Kharpal reports for CNBC. “The U.S. tech giant will launch the next generation Apple Watch in September, the source said, when it is also expected to take the wraps off three new iPhone models.”

“The next generation version will have cellular connectivity, likely via an embedded SIM,” Kharpal reports. “Adding cellular connectivity will allow people to carry out tasks such as streaming music without the need for an iPhone present. A September unveiling also makes sense because Apple has already announced plans to release watchOS 4 — its wearable operating system — in the fall.”

“CNBC’s source backs up an earlier report from Bloomberg which said that Intel will supply the modems required for cellular capability on the Apple Watch. That report also said AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile US plan to sell the device, citing sources,” Kharpal reports. “Apple could also be seeking partnerships with carriers in Europe, CNBC understands.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We can’t wait for this!

Again, we’re generally only without our iPhones when we’re running, swimming, and participating in other sports/activities. During those few hours per day, we’d have the cellular capability available for use, if necessary, in our Apple Watches. At all other times, the Watch would know the iPhone was in range and would use its cellular radio instead, as usual.

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  1. Maybe the best thing to happen to the definitely will have my attention if that happens. I stopped wearing watches once the iPhone was released–so the whole wearing of a watch that is/was tethered to the iphone thing made no sense to me–2 devices. LTE enabled aWatch will allow us to go iPhoneless–which imo is a huge step forward. I only wish Apple would update the form-factor to a slimmer profile–aWatch is still too bulky in size imo

  2. ” LTE enabled aWatch will allow us to go iPhoneless–which imo is a huge step forward.”

    Us? There will be very few if any to turn their $900 iPhone for a $300-$750 iWatch with a 2 inch screen.

  3. It’s fine. I can’t see it being a huge selling feature though. I just don’t think large numbers of people were holding off on buying one because they couldn’t make calls. If I’m actively participating in a sporting activity I don’t want to be able to contact people or be contacted. If I’m out hiking or something I have my phone to take pictures (I also have a spare phone in my pack). Streaming music is fine, but I can store music on the device already. If I’m without my phone I’m not digging around for new stuff, I just stick on a playlist and that’s it. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s certainly not something I’d pay more for, or get rid of my year old watch for. I’d rather have longer batter life so if I do forget to charge it before bed (I like to wear it monitor my sleep) I can go two full days of active use. I’m never going to dump my iPhone so just cramming in extra stuff to the Apple Watch gets redundant after a while. Make it smaller, faster, lighter, more powerful (my Apple watch still crashes on occasion).

  4. The main benefit I see is the increased potential functionality of apps when not tethered to the phone – like checking live radar when on a run from the watch – most 3rd party apps don’t work without the phone being there.

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