President Trump to announce Apple-supplier Foxconn manufacturing plant in Wisconsin today at 5pm EDT

“Apple-supplier Foxconn will announce a plant in Wisconsin on Wednesday evening, accompanied by President Donald Trump and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a source with knowledge of the announcement told CNBC,” Justin Solomon and Anita Balakrishnan report for CNBC. “U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., will also be present at the announcement in Washington, a source said.”

“No exact location for the plant has been chosen — but the area of southeast Wisconsin between Milwaukee and Chicago is under consideration, according to a source,” Solomon and Balakrishnan report. “A source said that seven states were considered for the expansion, but Wisconsin appears to be a preliminary winner, and Ohio is a contender. About 10,000 jobs could be created.”

“Foxconn is also known as Hon Hai Precision, a longtime supplier to Apple,” Solomon and Balakrishnan report. “The announcement would come on the heels of a Wall Street Journal interview with Trump, where he said he had spoken to Apple CEO Tim Cook about three U.S. factories. Apple has yet to comment on Trump’s remarks.”

Read more in the full article here.

“The AP obtained the invitation from a person with knowledge of the afternoon gathering at the White House, but the person wasn’t authorized to publicly release the information,” Scott Bauer reports for The Associated Press. “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker tweeted earlier Wednesday that Trump planned to make a ‘major jobs announcement for Wisconsin.'”

“White House spokesman Josh Raffel confirmed the Trump announcement would be on Foxconn, but said he would not release details ahead of the event,” Bauer reports. “Republican leaders in the Wisconsin Senate have said Walker has been negotiating a memorandum of understanding with Foxconn — best known as the assembler of the iPhone — to build such a factory in southeast Wisconsin… Landing Foxconn would be a victory both for Trump, as he touts his build America agenda, and for Walker, who is up for re-election next year.”

“White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, who is from Ryan’s congressional district in southeast Wisconsin, told WTMJ-TV on Tuesday that Trump, when flying over the area in Kenosha County during a visit to Wisconsin in April, noticed vacant land where a former Chrysler Motors plant used to be,” Bauer reports. “‘He said, ‘That land should be used,” Priebus said. ‘So when Foxconn came into the White House, into the Oval Office, the president said, ‘I know a good spot that you should go to, that place in Kenosha.” That part of the state is an attractive location for a large plant because of the area’s proximity to Lake Michigan and its abundant water supply. To make flat-panel displays, the company will need access to great quantities of water to keep work spaces dust-free, among other things.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: PBS is carrying the announcement live via YouTube at 5pm EDT today:

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    1. Lol… 18 1 star votes in 15 seconds
      Truth hurts.. doesnt it…
      u the dogmatized ones… u discredit your own party…

      ‘Not to know that you dont know… is a horrible thing. ”

      ‘It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” … Ronald Reagan

      1. ‘Truth hurts’ is not whats childish.. being dogmatized and self righteous is ….littering the media with bs and bashing and spreading fake news and acting like sore losers is .
        Maybe u should follow more threads to know where i come from with my comment .

        PS.. im none partisen ..
        ( loved Ronald And i loved Bill too)
        Nevertheless … what i see going on now with the dogmotized so called liberal bunch (and i dont put all liberals in the same basket) is nauseatingly stupid and childish…. and is making me wonder and reassess some views.
        First casualty> Mainstream media … bye forever manipulative fools. Keep on shooting yourselves in your own feet…

        The dogmatized brought this to themselves
        Those stars are not the result of “a self-appointed guy or girl does what (s)he can by awarding stars…”
        They are results if fanatical fools down-voting anyting relating to Trump.. good or bad.
        That is childish and foolish …..

        I tried to stay out of these political BS.. but one can only take so much garbage…

        1. Staggering insult to reality much??!!
          These boards have been infected by politicised stupidity for years by the anti-Obama, anti-Hillary nonsense including the ‘birther’ lies pushed by FsckWhatever and botwipe. The arrogance of the whinge-ing Trump brigade who now can’t take the same medicine they themselves dished out with moronic regularity! Shouting down reasonable folk in the most foul-mouthed manner – which they continue to do laced with vituperative triumphalism.
          Maybe you were not one of those, but to pretend that it’s a recent phenomenon is quite pathetic.
          Is there ANYBODY in the US who understands IRONY? Seems to me it took a permanent holiday along with veracity, common sense, civility and honesty, taking any pretense of intelligence with it..

          1. First let me reiterate: i am not partisan… i loved Ronald and i loved Bill !

            To me you are describing the left,.. and labeling the the right with their behavior.
            I dont remember the right infecting these boards before recently…. …and i have been here for long.
            Nope… the division in is an Obams legacy…
            There has always been conflicts and bickering between sides… but Obama took it to another level… disguised in elitists talk.
            I dont remember the right, burning cars and looting streets , breaking windows , etc and show straight out asinine behavior when they lost.

            It has become way more clear to me now
            There are ( In General ) two kinds of Liberals now a days..
            -Ones that are freeloaders
            -Ones that are hypocrites.

            Level headed rational, non dogmatized liberals are a delight to converse with , debate and brainstorm with..they truly are.
            But they are few and far between .

            Liberals have become nausating losers. Discrediting their own party through their words, dishonesty and actions.
            And this foum is packed with them .

            1. I said whats on my mind GoeB
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              Further proving my point of them being childish losers and hypocrites!

              What about saying i cant wait for ios 11 justifies 72 1 star votes..

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            2. Yes, it is pathetic.

              Take solace in the fact that posters like yourself who speak the unvarnished truth are the only ones targeted for this FAKE abuse.

              It means NOTHING …

      2. Welcome to the club of instant FAKE DOWN VOTES that are manipulated by dishonest Democrats.

        I wouldn’t let it concern you. Because after all — it is a badge of COURAGE … 👏🏻

    2. I don’t see why that’s an ad sentiment. Of course, there are many things to criticize Trump about, but is it really so hard to praise him when he does right? And I can’t wait for the day when I see Made in USA engraved on my iPhone.

            1. The numbers were given by the Foxconn spokesman and the governor of Wisconsin…but America should believe a malcontent such as yourself.

              you lose.


            2. Yes, and the numbers were 3000 jobs with a ‘potential’ for 13,000 in the future. They also stated this has nothing to do with Apple, the production is for their subsidiary Sharp.

            3. You are one negative son of a bitch. No one even mentioned Apple. People are of two types: the makers and the takers, you are of the latter.

              “Yes, we can’t.”

          1. For an entry assembler as low as $9.24/hr, $19.904/yr.

            CEO salaries, of course, would go into your actual average statistic.

            Millions for the CEO. Starting Development Engineer $117,000.

            People can’t live in a healthy way on $19.904/yr.

            1. it requires no trickery, moron.. in your case it’s self-evident. A financially depressed part of the country gets the hope of 30,000 new jobs and you do nothing but run it down as something bad. You’re nothing but a “Yes We Can’t” Puke.

            2. No, he’s right. Hope and change are desperately desired by economically depressed regions. It’s cruel to remove that hope and diminish their job aspirations.

        1. Unless Trump’s monkey Pruitt guts the EPA, why would manufacturing in the USA increase water pollution? Assuming sanity prevails and environmental laws remain in place to protect air and water, manufacturing in Europe or North America ought to be the best places to build anything. Moreover, distribution from the middle of the continent has got to be faster and easier than boating them across the Pacific.

      1. So let me get this straight you can’t wait until American workers, you, your wife, your husband, your son or your daughter gets treated like the Foxconn workers eat treated everywhere else. I mean with theirlegendary treatment of workers this is great news?

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              Wednesday, July 26, 2017 – 11:58 pm · Reply

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        1. The ignorance of this coment Truly shocking at so many levels .. …… first off foxcon has to obeyed by US laws/rules… ….and no one is going to get paid 19/year in us… hyperbole bullshit .
          Nevertheless.. i guess all the downvoting losers believe:
          standing at freeway entrances with a cardboard sign “im hungry “. Or. Standing in line for foodstamps.. or chugging beer down while waiting for government handouts is better ha. ?
          Fools will only downvote foxcons efforts to open plants here and creat 15000 jobs..

          What has US come to . Pathetic.

  1. United States[edit]
    Foxconn CEO and founder Terry Gou has announced that the company will make its final decision on a location for a USA flatscreen factory in July, 2017.

  2. And the asshole in the Oval Office had about zero to do with it. Same with Snot Walker.
    BTW Botty and First, Whatever…
    How’s that instant repeal and replace the ACA working out for you? Billionaire Casino Asshole Steve Wynn personally threatenied Heller (R) with a shitload of money on every broadcast outlet in Nevada if he did not change his vote and you are still short in votes (and behind the inseam).

    1. True, but it IS happening under his watch. It does not matter who is doing this, but the fact that it already is happening. People should be glad that Trump is helping bring back jobs to our country, regardless of what you think of him or his policies .

      1. Trump is also taking credit for stuff he had nothing to do with. The budget until October 1 is Obama’s, yet he claims all kinds of great things done by his budget priorities.

        He is just the biggest embarrassment to America in our sometimes sordid history. History will not be kind to the moron.

      2. Is that:
        Why most Chevy, GMC and Dodge Trucks are now made in Mexico?
        Why GM is importing SUVs from China under the Chevrolet and Buick nameplates?
        Why Ford is not building a small car plant in Mexico because it is shifting all small car production to China?

        Trump has no fucking business telling anyone where to build a car plant and he is not some schlob working for a state economic development council.

        He might want to lawyer up some more. Keeping his rather large ass out of Club Fed could prove to be a full time job.

        1. “Trump has no fucking business telling anyone where to build a car plant and he is not some schlob working for a state economic development council.”

          OK. It is President Trump BTW, should then use the Democrat model of business taxation, regulations and tariffs to persuade them to build in the U.S.

            1. You’re right about the name of the party as reported in the lame stream media.

              You’re not right about my viewing habits. TCM, Comet, METV, Grit, Decades, THIS, Bounce, Laff …

      1. It would be nice if it does come true, however, l let’s not spend the money until the cheque is cashed.

        Announcements costs nothing- See how well the Congress passing the Healthcare bill worked out as an example.

          1. 7 GOP no votes on straight repeal:
            •Alexander (TN)
            •Capito (WV)
            •Collins (ME)
            •Heller (NV)
            •McCain (AZ)
            •Murkowski (AK)
            •Portman (OH)

            Traitor John McCain, ringleader and the original chief hawker of Fusion trash on Trump. A genuine piece of shït.

            1. From 1967 to 1973, “Traitor John McCain,” the son and grandson of naval heroes, was sitting in the Hanoi Hilton after being captured while fighting his country’s wars. He went on to serve with distinction until his retirement from the military with a disability pension in 1981. He had earned a Silver Star, two Legions of Merit, a Distinguished Flying Cross, three Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, two Commendation Medals, and some routine service medals.

              Meantime, Donald J. Trump’s daddy was naming him President of the family business as a reward for staying in New York by dodging the draft.

              Have you no shame, sir?

            2. If McCain was not the son of an admiral, he would have been court-martialed for his gross negligence on the deck of the USS Forrestal.

              Have you no brains, sir?

            3. What happened is that I, like John McCain, took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States. I can recognize that following lawful orders even in a questionable war is a matter of patriotic duty. Pretending that you have bone spurs that prevent you from serving your country—after you played varsity sports in college and before you pursued amateur athletics for the next fifty years—is the opposite.

            4. John McCain is a traitor to American sovereignty and American security. A warmonger in the tradition of Felonia Von Pantsuit and Dubya, the quintessential New World Orderly. Upon his demise, along with CIA George and George Soros, this Mark Twain quote would express my sentiment best:

              “I didn’t attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.”

            5. REAL NEWS: Russian traitor botvinnik libels American patriot McCain. See Wikipedia, q.v. John McCain, for references on the following:

              “On July 29, 1967, McCain was a lieutenant commander when he was near the epicenter of the USS Forrestal fire. He escaped from his burning jet and was trying to help another pilot escape when a bomb exploded;[28] McCain was struck in the legs and chest by fragments.[29] The ensuing fire killed 134 sailors and took 24 hours to control.[30][31] With the Forrestal out of commission, McCain volunteered for assignment with the USS Oriskany, another aircraft carrier employed in Operation Rolling Thunder.[32]”

              See also the Wikipedia article (and referenced sources) on the USS Forrestal Fire itself. McCain was sitting in the cockpit of his A4 on deck when an accidental Zuni rocket discharge from a plane across the deck struck the external fuel tank on the plane next to McCain’s. The ensuing fire cooked off the struck plane’s bomb load only one minute and 36 seconds after the fire began. McCain barely had time to climb out of his plane and over the nose refueling probe before the explosion; only the blast shadow of his aircraft saved his life. He didn’t have time for gross negligence.

              Note also that the apples haven’t fallen far from the tree. Both of McCain’s biological sons are combat veterans in the US military, a Navy helicopter pilot and a Marine who enlisted at age 17. Both of Trump’s legitimate sons went into the family business without a minute of public service, as did their brother-in-law.

            6. You need anger management courses as anyone can plainly see. I suspect you hate McCain as he was a hero and you are a zero. Do you not see that people laugh at you? Are you that numb? I guess you are.
              As Trump would say…..sad!

    1. 1 year ago today, Hillary Clinton became 1st woman nominated for president by major US party.

      2 days later, she accepted the nomination.

      37 days later, she was thrown comatose into the back of a van.

  3. ‘Truth hurts’ is not whats childish.. being dogmatized and self righteous is ….littering the media with bs and bashing and spreading fake news and acting like sore losers is .
    Maybe u should follow more threads to know where i come from with my comment .

    PS.. im none partisen ..
    ( loved Ronald And i loved Bill too)
    Nevertheless … what i see going on now with the dogmotized so called liberal bunch (and i dont put all liberals in the same basket) is nauseatingly stupid and childish…. and is making me wonder and reassess some views.
    First casualty> Mainstream media … bye forever manipulative fools. Keep on shooting yourselves in your own feet…

    The dogmatized brought this to themselves
    Those stars are not the result of “a self-appointed guy or girl does what (s)he can by awarding stars…”
    They are results if fanatical fools down-voting anyting relating to Trump.. good or bad.
    That is childish and foolish …..

    I tried to stay out of these political BS.. but one can only take so much garbage…

      1. just love it when the X con loser tells someone with a high IQ to shut up take your own advice loser the number one foul mouth polluter on MDN just stfu!

  4. Job creation is good but the jobs must pay must respect the person as a human being which current entry jobs do not. This in context of the exorbitant CEO pay, and even representatives and the military (the fastest and biggest growth industry in the US) have their version of Single Payer and superb retirement.

    That’s why I deplore the lowballing of Foxcon wages for assemblers.

    1. that just wonderful, John, go to work at Taco Bell. Wisconsins are quite pleased with this announcement, as they were when they dumped The Clot for Donald Trump last November.

      Your reasoning is as porous as the “Blue Wall.”

      you lose.


  5. “About 10,000 jobs could be created”

    The key word is COULD, let alone how many jobs will be permanent. According to USAToday, between local, state and fed Foxxcon could receive anywhere between $1 – $3 billion in incentives. This will leave a nice hole in local and state budgets that the workers will have to eat.

    When Trump said drain the swamp, he meant the working people ARE the swamp.

    1. President Donald J. Trump needs NO defenders. He is a self-made successful businessman that stunned the world with an unprecedented political upset and win for the highest office as a first time politician.

      You won’t give him credit for a stunning victory, fine. He does not need your approval.

      When he clears the Washington swamp and gets things done for average Americans, I suspect you will run out of sand to stick your head in …

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