“How could Microsoft’s Windows Phone licensing business model stand a chance against Google’s Free and Open Android? None of the Redmond giant’s complicated countermeasures worked, its smartphone platform is dead,” Jean-Louis Gassée writes for Monday Note.And yet, inexplicably, Microsoft failed to use a very simple move…”

Microsoft’s fourth quarter fiscal year 2017 results “acknowledge what was already notorious: Windows Phone is dead,” Gassée writes. “‘Phone revenue was immaterial and declined $361M.’ This doesn’t come as a surprise. Let’s recall that, in September 2010, Redmond employees held what CNET called a ‘tacky ‘funeral” for iPhone and Blackberry. One wonders how they’ll memorialize Windows Phone.”

“Microsoft’s smartphone troubles started well before the birth of Android,” Gassée writes. “Windows Mobile became the modern Windows Phone in 2011 or 2012 (depending on whom you ask) but it was too late. Licensees didn’t line up at the Redmond door. The platform was already dying. it’s woefully late in the smartphone war, four years after the birth of the iPhone, three years after the first Android phone.”

“We know who/what killed Windows Phone, and it’s not Android. We could point fingers at one or more Microsoft execs as the culprits, but that misses the point: Microsoft culture did it,” Gassée writes. “Culture is dangerous; under our field of consciousness, it sneakily filters and shapes perceptions, it’s a system of permissions to emote, think, speak, and do.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Which is why, when “fanboys” like us blast Apple and company executives for things we consider to be mistakes, we do so for a reason. And, when enough of us do it loudly enough, we get heard.

We’re not stuck in the culture. We’re outside the box – literally – but we care deeply about what’s happening (or not happening) inside and what it produces (or fails to produce). And when you’ve been looking at something obsessively closely for well over three decades, as some of us here have been doing with Apple, you can sometimes see things clearly that others, even those inside, cannot see at all.

As for Microsoft’s Windows Phone, yes, we told ya so:

Microsoft could have unveiled the perfect smartphone OS, that doesn’t omit Cut-Copy-Paste or Multitasking or Tethering and that is wholly original and doesn’t infringe on other companies’ intellectual property, and they would still be nearly 4 years late to the game. It’s superfluous to the marketplace. They can try to force their way in with $500 million in marketing and, if successful, damage the other iPhone wannabes like Android, but, like all of the other also-rans, they have not even come close to equalling iOS much less accomplished the tremendous feat of leapfrogging iOS, which is what Microsoft needed to do in order to make up for being so woefully late to the game. — MacDailyNews, October 11, 2010

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[Attribution: Quartz. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]