Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple likely to launch all-new 10.5 inch iPad Pro and Siri Speaker at WWDC

“Apple’s WWDC conference kicks off on June 5th and whilst it is predominantly a software conference, reliable Apple analyst KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo is reporting that he expects Apple to launch two new hardware products next month,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“Kuo says there is a more than 50% chance of the Siri Speaker, an all-new category for the company,” Mayo reports. “In addition, he says that there is more than 70% chance of an all-new design 10.5-inch iPad Pro to be announced at the keynote.”

“KGI describes the 10.5- inch iPad Pro as an all-new design… The 10.5-inch iPad will look similar to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro but feature narrower bezels; the device will pack a larger display into the same approximate chassis size,” Mayo reports. “KGI expects the Siri Speaker device (tentative name) to boast premium audio quality and a higher price tag than the Amazon Echo. A new tidbit in today’s report is the fact that the device will include a ‘touch panel.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote on Wednesday:

Once they finally get something shipping in quantity, it’ll be fun to watch how quickly Apple takes the top end of the market away from Amazon’s Echo since Apple’s solution will certainly have unique advantages within Apple’s ecosystem that makes it the obvious choice for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch users.

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  1. The iPad will be announced with the perfunctory and expected hardware updates. Meh. Perhaps Tim Cook will intrigue us with a price cut.

    The speaker, well, this is new. Tim Cook will introduce this device as if it were the first speaker set eye on by humankind. Tim Cook will gush over how users will talk to it and it will talk back. The crowd will gasp in utter amazement before giving Apple’s CEO a standing ovation. Words will fly over the web hearkening to thrill when Steve Jobs revealed the iPhone.

    Gosh, it will be the most extraordinary WWDC in history. Can’t you feel it.


      We are used to dealing on your site with people who are overly political and/or unpleasant, but most of them actually use Apple equipment and have the right to comment on Apple products, their merits, and their shortcomings. They are certainly legitimate users of your site, even if they never do anything other than criticize Apple management and praise their favorite politician. Tim Cook, like Donald J. Trump, is a big boy. He and his supporters can handle criticism.

      “Frank” is different. He hates everything about the company and all its products, without ever citing any basis for his negative opinion, other than that it IS his opinion. He is clearly not an Apple customer, investor, or employee. He has no interest in having Apple improve its performance, because nothing the company could do (other than going out of business) would satisfy him.

      Frank is here for the sole purpose of trolling legitimate MDN customers and attempting to upset them. As much as I hate censorship, Frank’s presence here recently has been like trying to enjoy a film while someone is shouting “Fire Tim Cook!” in the crowded theatre. If it keeps up, it will drive business away from your site and advertisers and will affect your income.

      You may want to consider possible reactions.

      1. Sorry, forgot to mention I have a MacBook Pro and iPhone. Please, don’t tell TxUser, this would cause her to piss her pant or shit her panties.

  2. Obviously the reality is there are also Amazon advantages to that type of device too. At least if you’re in the market to buy virtually anything. Doubtful this SIRI in a knick-knack thing will be my cup of tea anyway. Ditto on Echo. *yawn*

    On the other hand a new redesigned Mac Pro would’ve come in extremely handy right about now. *sigh*

    1. No hardware of any importance has ever been announced at WWDC except Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, and iPhone. I suppose an iPad Pro would be new, but this would mean that Apple’s new iPad Pro would be revolutionary not evolutionary. You’re probably right, WWDC 2017 is likely to be another snooze fest.

  3. Apple’s been working on this for a long time. In fact, I heard the form factor sketch of the Siri Speaker accidentally got used for the Mac Pro, years back.

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