Apple product lineup is now too big to fit on a table but adds growth anyway

“In 2010, before he became chief executive officer, Apple Inc.’s Tim Cook said all the company’s gadgets could fit on a table, arguing such focus resulted in better products,” Alex Webb reports for Bloomberg.

“At the time, the company’s website offered 14 Apple products. Now, under Cook’s leadership, the lineup has ballooned to 27 products available in more than 200 different versions,” Webb reports. “The strategy — a departure from co-founder Steve Jobs’ minimalist approach — is helping Apple grow even as the market for its most-important product, smartphones, stalls.”

“Products such as the Apple Watch and AirPod wireless headphones, combined with more versions of the iPhone and surging sales from a growing variety of software services, drove revenue growth in the most-recent quarter,” Webb reports. “Longer term, there’s no substitute for entirely new categories, and Apple has yet to deliver a major automotive innovation, radical new TV experience, or augmented reality products. While investors wait, the Services business has been the most consistent bright spot over the past year. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple sold 50.763 million iPhones in 91 days – or 557,835 iPhones per day – in the quarter after Christmas amidst a multitude of reports of revolutionary features to be included in the forthcoming iPhone 8.

That’s a “stall” any other company on earth would die for.

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  1. “apple-product-lineup-is-now-too-big-to-fit-on-a-table-but-adds-growth-anyway”

    Did Mr Cook say what the size of the table was? God knows.

    But yes, too many products now; hopefully they realize about that and downsize a bit.

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