No, Apple’s next-gen iPhone won’t be delayed

“There’s been some talk this year that the next iPhone is going to be delayed and not introduced in September, but I’m not buying it,” Jefferson Graham writes for USA Today.

“Expectations are that Apple has a major re-design in the works and tons of cool new features for the new iPhone X, as some are calling it, or the iPhone 8,” Graham writes. “Some analysts and publications have speculated that Apple is having a hard time pulling in all the parts it needs for these new devices, and won’t be able to make the introduction date in September.”

“Apple has had years to plan for the 10th anniversary edition, so no, I don’t think there’s anything that’s going to throw Apple off schedule,” Graham writes. “I think the company would rather scratch a new feature than miss the release date.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This is one launch even Cook’s Apple cannot, and will not, miss. They might, as usual, have 12 units in stock at launch, but they won’t miss or significantly delay it.

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  1. ““I think the company would rather scratch a new feature than miss the release date.” Since when has Apple scratched a feature to make a release date. They have always been about quality over quantity. I highly doubt they would remove a feature if it meant delaying the phone a month or two. If anything, the phone will be in short supply for a long time.

  2. “No, Apple’s next-gen iPhone won’t be delayed.”

    But the 2013 Mac Pro pros REALLY wanted to buy sure is!

    2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and counting…

  3. Folks, this is yet another Timidy Tim’s approach to feel out the market reaction first, and only when he is reasonably confident that the product will sell as they hoped, he would give an order to ramp up production. So, it always starts like this. It also acts as a cunning ploy yo hype up the expectation. Only in Apple….

  4. The estimated cost though!!! Come on ppl you can’t be that blind! Really, 1k plus? Maybe you should take a picture and let the camera flash in your eyes… Because y’all need to WAKE TF UP! Seriously!

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